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    so anyway this is me,im joey!!, and im a really chill guy im scene and a complete dork! my occupation is making them good girls go bad XDDDDD As far as i can tell there really isnt much wrong with me besides my brain damage(no not really!) Ummmmmm.....lets see i really like to take pictures of course, ive been known as the PhotogenicSpaz so yaaa! <br />
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    Ok well im blondish and i like to shake things up abit i have a few siblings (dont ask how many i cant count worth a shit) ok theres:Nathn,Sara,Collin....................IDK IF I HAVE MORE!!!!!!!! well my mom is virgie and she is totallllyyyyy awesome!!!!! my stepdad is jacob who is pretty chill.My aunt sammi is just like WOAAAAAA amazing! I FUCKING LURV U! <br />
    My real parents are really freaking awesome to. I have some really good friends and love them all!!!!!! this is something i made for my friends sam and virgie they know wat it means! thank u guys so uch for letting me do this with u I FUHKING LURV U!!!<br />
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    ko i sing,model,im a photaghrapher,and i can draw so i do alot XD lolol ok well bye people<br />
    You have no ideea wat i would give just to shake this womans hand... User Image she is just amazing and i could only talk about Hayley Williams that way
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