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  • Artist Info: Hey!<br />
    Hows the life?<br />
    The Names Yasmina; exotic huh?<br />
    I'm Unlike anyone you've met. <br />
    Meaning im down to earth, crazy, fun, and outgoing.<br />
    I'm never afraid to do something outrages.<br />
    I can get R E A L L Y fired up. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Depends what you make of it.<br />
    I'm a positive person, so it takes a lot to bum me out.<br />
    I warn you NOT to piss me off, it can be V E R Y bad.<br />
    One way you can do that is to critisize my music. So DON"T.<br />
    I can deal with lots of things. I already have throught my whole life.<br />
    So if you wanna bother me you have to do way better than on the internet :]<br />
    I dont care what you think of me, i think everyone is entitled to their own opinions.<br />
    So thats it. Thanks :]<br />
    Have FUN!
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