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    ✿The name is Bethany. ^^-♬<br />
    ✿But I like to go by Hunny ^^(wondering where that comes from watch Ouran Host Club) ^^<br />
    ✿I am 20 years old. <br />
    ✿My bff means the world to me. I am so glad that girl and I got so close. ^^-❤ <br />
    ✿I am pretty easy going but if you make me mad watch out. X3<br />
    ✿The friends that I have are my life. Mess with them you mess with me.<br />
    ✿I don't like drama. Scratch that. I hate drama. Its retarded.<br />
    ✿I love plushies and soft cuddly things. ❤ <br />
    ✿Lady Gaga to me is amazing because she is her own and unique.<br />
    ✿I hate Twilignt with a capital "H". Edward Cullen you suck and you're a friggin fairy. Lestat you are amazing.❤ <br />
    ✿I am sick of trying to fit in a "stereo-type". There is too many sides of me to try fitting me in any of them. My stereo-type is the Bethany stereo-type. And nobody has that but me. ❤ <br />
    ✿I like to be real loud and act crazy.<br />
    ✿I am straight foward and don't hide whats on my mind.<br />
    ✿I am shy about somethings but don't let that fool you because once you get to know me I am the most outgoing person out there. X3<br />
    ✿I am sensitive but at the same time I can tough a lot of things out so don't think I am breakable.<br />
    ✿I love bright colors but I love black. I wear what I feel.<br />
    ✿I am true and honest and sincere.<br />
    ✿I am that shoulder you can cry on.<br />
    ✿I am me. <br />
    User Image<br />
    My best friend ever! I love this girl so much and don't know where I would be without her. I am so blessed to have her as my best friend. ❤ <br />
    User Image<br />
    I love to draw and I will draw avi art for people. ^^
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