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  • Artist Info: Name: Dawn<br />
    Age: Private<br />
    Residence: Fort Worth, TX<br />
    About:<br />
    My name is Dawn, my age is private. I live in Fort Worth, TX. My favorite colors are light pink, white, and Gold. I love the spring than anything else. Well, because I love it when the flowers bloom and the rainbows are mostly in the skies of where it rains the most. My favorite flower is the Rose. The rose is my favorite flower because it is mostly the sign of love, and because it is well common. The rose is just in many different colors, of course others as well. I like to go shopping, listen to music, and much more. My favorite bands are, Big Bang, DBSK, SHINee, and others. I am sometimes lazy. I am honest, I am mature, and I am passionate, I love anything to do with what my personality is so it's like, caring, and other stuff as well. I am hyper sometimes because I either eat sugar on my cereal or, I am just excited about something happening later on. I love animals. My favorite animal is the tiger. It's white and orange, and black stripes for courage! And not because it is the mascot for Frosted Flakes x]. I luv em! They are yummy. I go to middle school, of course. So, that is pretty much all I have to tell you, okay? I will update my profile soon!
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