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  • Artist Info: hey all im 21 years old<br />
    im into lots of things<br />
    emos piss me off i want to kill them all but they would like that too much<br />
    anyways mythology and comic books are my specialty i can not be defeated in my knowledge of them <br />
    also i am a sorrcerr so i can cast lots of spells <br />
    i use the magics of true name shadow magic and pact magic to allow me access to the founding magics of the universe<br />
    my favorite bands include but not limited to <br />
    korn=god of music<br />
    disturbed<br />
    godsmack<br />
    system of a down<br />
    tool<br />
    trapt<br />
    lil jon and the east side boyz<br />
    static x <br />
    3 days grace<br />
    3 doors down<br />
    rob zombie and many more <br />
    D&D is a great hobby of mine<br />
    i play magic the gathering<br />
    and im also into reading books <br />
    im in college and majoring in computers but i am a programmer and dont feel like messing with codes on gaia unless i has to i do enough of that for school work<br />
    i know lots of random things all completly useless <br />
    my fav colors are<br />
    in this order<br />
    shiny metallic silver<br />
    dark jade green<br />
    lightning blue<br />
    and midnight black<br />
    im the master of chaos where chaos is i am <br />
    and i will alwasy be afan of chaos<br />
    hakimsrazor is an awesome person go to hakims thread and u can find all kinds of peeps with kool skills in stuffs and im there too
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