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  • Artist Info: You can call me Lilly. +16 but -21. I'm many things but most importantly a girl who just can't make up her mind. <br />
    <br />
    My 3DS friend code 1821 - 9104 - 7538 and the names Lilly, please PM me if you add me. Thnx!<br />
    <br />
    My favorites:<br />
    Black Butler<br />
    Ouran High School Host Club<br />
    Soul Eater<br />
    Fruits Basket<br />
    Death Note<br />
    My Little Pony<br />
    Supernatual<br />
    Doctor Who<br />
    Invader Zim<br />
    Fairly Odd Parents<br />
    Adventure Time<br />
    Nightmare Before Christmas<br />
    Caroline<br />
    Robot Chicken<br />
    Once Upon A Time<br />
    Family Guy<br />
    Spirited Away<br />
    Howls Moving Castle<br />
    Repo! The Genetic Opera<br />
    The Devils Carnival<br />
    The Molting Comics<br />
    The list just goes on and on and on.<br />
    <br />
    A few more things about me:<br />
    I love and use tarot cards.<br />
    I play Minecraft, Magic The Gathering, DnD, Maplestory, and just about every Mario game out there.<br />
    I have met Terrance Zdunich twice and have a half-finished tattoo based on his work of Repo!, Devils Carnival and The Molting.<br />
    I don't read many online comics, but i'd love to find some that catch my attention.<br />
    I enjoy going to cons, despite my crippling social anxiety.<br />
    My dream is to make and sell fursuits out of my home, as well as other clothing and accessories and draw + write online comics. <br />
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