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  • Artist Info: okie well my names kat =] im an azn who can kick ur @$$ to china (where im from) and back (which is sumwhere in the peach state) so dont mess with me<br />
    i play tennis and the violin<br />
    i like ping pong and swimming too<br />
    and anime/manga lol big suprise huh? i have around 15 mangas im reading<br />
    and a ton of anime too<br />
    i lik reading books too (the big things with lots of words)<br />
    lol i sound lik a total nerd<br />
    but whos saying im not one<br />
    i absolutely HATE stuck up snooty ppl who HAVE to be the center of attention<br />
    and haters, fakers, and liars<br />
    lol i rhymed<br />
    if u stay on my good side i promise ill be the best friend i can b<br />
    but if u get on my bad side ill make sure ull regret being born<br />
    lol hehe.........btw i suffer from random add urges<br />
    and ive been told im obsessive/compulsive
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