• Proulouge:

    Crystal woodancock was 16 years old. She and her parents went on a road trip in 1990. Crystal was a single child with a perfect social life and friends. Intelligent as she was, she was a realistic, practical girl. She did not beleive in myths or what she had become that clear night in Montana, 1990.

    CH1 Road Trip

    Budump. The road was rocky under the car. Trees flew by the window like a green blur. Crystal turned to look at the other window. The pine forest below was like a bright green glob from the height of the cliff. She stared down at the cliff and the death trap sent a shiver up her spine. The tangle of trees were thick and she imagined spikes at the bottom. She was about to turn away when a pale face caught her attention from the corner of her eye. The midnight eyes and cropped jagged hair stunned Crystal with its beauty she refused to let her sight of it go. THe face disappeared behind the speeding trees. She stared back glaring and searching every crack between every tree to see a feature of the face. Time sped up to light speed in split second. A jolt threw Crystal's body rapidly against the seat belt. Gasping for breath, a scream engulfed in fear injected pure fear in to her veins. The car's back wheel skid in 3 circles before throwing the car to the depths of the hell. A massive trunk slammed into the right back seat door spraying glass all over Crystal's face. The leather seat was soaked with blood. Her arms painted red. The devil was enjoying this and decided not to let them go yet. The hit sent the car into a dizzing twirl with speeds of a hurricane. They crashed into every tree in sight. Crystal huddled despite all wounds. She hugged her knees and tucked her head in. The whole world stopped abruptly it threw out of her position face to face with the face in the forest. He was the one behind all this. There was not a tint or spaeck of guilt in his eyes just hunger. His sharp poisened venomous teeth were gritted. She stared terrified but amazed at the face. In his eyes she saw the only thought he was thinking. Blood.