• Chapter 1
    The day started out like any ordinary day for Lavena Ailis Rain. She was waking up to her usual routine. Nothing out of the ordinary; well at least not yet anyways. Lavi was her nickname everyone called her. She was heading downstair to get her breakfast when she heard her mom yell for her.
    " Lavi! Darling don't forget to take the garbage out before you go to work! I have to go now, I will be home late tonight. There is a dinner in the fridge for you just heat the oven to 375 degrees. I love you, and talk to you later!"
    " Alright Mom, love you too! Have a nice day!" Lavi said to her mom while she was taking out the garbage.
    Lavi got into her car and started it, up she recently just got out highschool, and the world just seemed different. Like everyday was a routine that noone could escape from. She was lucky that her mom hadn't kicked her out yet, but Lavi knew that day will come soon, she was saving her money to get an apartment that she saw on the eastside of town. It was a dark place, and had a bohemian feel to it, but it was perfect for Lavi's artistic creativity!
    Lavi decided to take a shortcut to work today, the place she was buying was only ten minutes from her job, she worked at an old rundown antique bookstore! Lavie loved books. She could read for hours and never would be bored!
    Lavi took the shortcut, and barely made it to work on time, she could see her boss talking to some guy, but it was hard to make out what they were saying. Lavi just guessed he was the new hired help that they needed.
    " Hey Lavi! Come here and meet our new employee. Don't you think he would perfect for the job of lifting these heavy boxes," said Mr. Darl in usual rough sailor voice.
    Lavi looked at up the new guy, and was found speechless, she just nodded her head. He had dark reddish brown hair, and deep hazel eyes. He was extremely handsome, well at least to her he was. He was way too handsome for her, she had green eyes, a not so fit body, and brown hair. She smiled slightly has she brushed by him.
    He grabbed her shoulder." Hey you work here too don't you, my name is Celton Henry Young."
    " My name is Lavena Ailis Rain, my friends and family call me Lavi." Lavi blushed.
    " Well it is nice meeting you Lavi, I hope we could become good friends." Celton stated while walking away.
    Lavi nodded her head and went to get to work, their was something weird about Celton she just couldn't get her mind on what it was.