• Chapter Two: A Memory Never Forgotten

    Once I got to the campus grounds, I flew over the school, and landed in the garden behind the school. I snapped my fingers, and my wings disappeared, I crawled on the ground, hoping not to be seen by any of the Masters.
    Until I heard someone’s voice, crawling into a bush near apple trees; I looked and saw Cai. He was talking to Head Master Lee.
    “How did he get here so fast? Wasn’t he badly wounded?” I whispered, crawling out of the bush and ran quietly around them and outside the garden.
    “I’m glad that your Head Master told me you were coming to tell me this information.” Master Lee said.
    Cai nodded. “He told me that this is called a truce, for now, we face a common enemy.” Cai said, tensing up.
    “You shouldn’t be alarmed, young vampire, if this is a ‘truce’ you can trust me,” she said, calmly.
    Cai nodded.
    “However, this you must tell everyone from the warriors, to the werewolves that there is something attacking on innocent souls.” Master Lee said.
    “Indeed, Head Master Blood sent other vampires to tell the others,” he said, making eye contact with Master Lee.
    Master Lee nodded. “Very well,” she said, looking down at his wound. “You better stay here for the rest of the day; your wound seems to be opening up again.”
    Cai stiffened, looking down and saw blood dripping from his wound.
    “Don’t worry; who ever treated your wound did a very good job.” Master Lee said.
    I sense that she knows. “Ai, why don’t you come say hello to the young vampire, whom you saved.” Master Lee said.
    I slowly walked over to them; I didn’t make eye contact with either of them. “Aisha, I would like to talk to you later, but for now, please take this young vampire to the infirmary please.” She asked.
    I nodded. “Come on, it’s a minute away,” I said, walking towards the big building next to the garden.
    I opened the door to the infirmary room, Doctor Mix wasn’t inside. “Doctor Mix isn’t here; she might be looking for some more herbs.”
    Cai sat on a small bed, and laid there. “Ai, is your name right?” he asked.
    “What is it?” I said.
    “You know, I like your Head Master, she is the nicest fairy I’ve ever met, well the second fairy that I met that was nice to me.” He said.
    I stiffen. “That is kind of you to say that,” I said. “You know I could have told her myself about the creature attacking.”
    “I know, but my master instructed me to deliver the message myself, not letting anyone tell,” Cai said, looking at me.
    “Believe me; I thought you were going back to your side of the boarder.” Folding my arms.
    “What’s wrong with you? First you were nice enough to treat my wound, and now you are acting as though I did something wrong?” Cai yelled, clutching his wound.
    I looked at him, and sat at the edge of the bed. “Look, I’m sorry. I only helped you because…I saw how much you were in pain, I could have killed you there, but what does violent end us with?” I said.
    He looked at me with concerned eyes. “You are definitely different, you are not the type to take another’s life,” he said. “If you were like the other fairies, then you would have killed me.”
    I nodded. “When I started this school three years ago, I accidentally crossed the boarder and into enemy territory, I was attacked by four harpies, I thought I was a goner, until, one harpy came saved my life, she healed my wounds within minutes. I could have died, if that harpy didn’t save me in time, she told me that fighting is pointless, she also said, she fights only if she feels threatened.”
    “That is one wise harpy,” he said. “The vampires and harpies don’t often talk, although we are allies, but I think this is the weirdest thing yet.”
    “What is?” I asked.
    “That a vampire wants to make friends with a fairy,” he smiled.
    I nodded. “That is unusual…” Before I could finish, Doctor Mix returns with a basket full of herbs.
    “Aisha, why is there a vampire in my infirmary?” She asked, glaring at Cai.
    “Doctor Mix, this is Cai, he is here to give some information to Master Lee, but on his way, he was injured. Can you help him?” I asked.
    “Even though he is an enemy of our kind, he is still injured; I might as well treat him,” Doctor Mix said, sitting next to him, and took a look at his wound. “It’s quite deep, but it should be easy for me to heal, but vampires are supposed to heal fast, so I’m only going to do a slight healing process.”
    “Thank you, Doctor.” Cai said.
    She nodded, and grabbed her basket of herbs and a small mixing bowl. “Aisha, please go and get a roll of bandage wrap for me from the supply closet.” She asked.
    I nodded, and walked towards the supply closet, and grabbed a roll of bandage wrap.
    “Cai, would you remove your top?” Doctor Mix asked.
    Cai took off his top, for a skinny vampire, he was muscular. His upper body had scars, and many of them.
    Doctor Mix poked her finger in the mashed up herbs, and put some on Cai’s deep wound. Cai didn’t flinch or nothing, he was still as a rock. “Aisha, please bring me the roll of bandage wrap, please.” She asked.
    I walked over to her, and handed her the roll. “Thank you,” she said, unraveling the roll, and wrapped it around Cai’s wound.
    Once she was done, she told Cai to lie down and stay still for three hours, by then his wound would completely heal. Doctor Mix left the infirmary room; I sat down next to Cai. “It wasn’t that bad at least.” I said.
    He nodded. “I guess,” he said, looking the other way.
    “This has been bugging me lately, Cai.” I said.
    “What?” he said.
    “What was the thing that attacked you? I know you know what it was.” I said.
    He turned his head to face me. “You really want to know what attacked me, the thing that attacked my classmate and yours?” he said.
    I nodded. “Please can you describe it to me? Or even a name?” I asked.
    He took a deep breath. “It looked like a different breed of nymphs, something that can lure someone into its call, but it also looked like a werewolf, it was quite furry and had large fangs; now I think about it, it looks like a mix of a nymph, werewolf, fairy, vampire, harpy, and warrior put together in one,” he said. “All I know is that it wants to kill.”