• My life,what life i have no life, and when i say that i mean it . I don't call it a life i
    call it an unwanted presents . My name is Jake or thats what i call my self. there
    are rumors around here that a group of kids like us escaped. They were just like
    me, kind of . You see after they escaped i was made to to be what they are. Except the so called white coats tried to make me fly to soon. Yes i said fly, my D.N.A was mixed with avian d.n.a so now i have wings. Yes, i have a 12 ft long wingspan. I never asked for this, i never asked to even be born. I want to be free like those kids. I have been holding out on the people here. They tested me when i was three to see if i could fly, but i couldn't , but they dropped me out of a window but i fell not flew,fell i broke my left leg and broke five ribs. I know i can fly but they don't. Today, i will have another test in the court yard. It is open but the gates are high. thats when I'm going to make my escape. the only problem is my long brow hair getting in the way. I have been well rested today. The white coats showed up and took me to the court yard. My nerves are pulsing in my skin . They tell me to start. i unfold my wings and it feels good to stretch them out . I start moving my wings up and down, and it feels good. I start running up the hill , no one chases me because the think ill just hover about ten feet in the air. they're in for a big surprise . I take a running start and get in the air , flapping up and down faster and faster . I want to look around to see the expressions on their faces. Unfortunately i cant i have to keep going. I start flying as fast as i can, the wind beneath my wing feels amazing . Im almost passed the gates when i hear the howling .My worst nightmare, the erasers.they were like me but mixed with wolf d.n.a and want to kill me.They cant fly witch is good but they can run fast. i know i can run faster but i couldn't faster, as fast, maybe. I needed to get away. It was a good thing that there was i cliff just passed the woods but that was a problem, they had claws and could climb . I flap as hard as i possibly can and then some . I hear the branches breaking from the erasers witch were incredibly strong. I went higher so they couldn’t jump at me and take me down.I could see the cliff. adrenaline pumping through my body and veins i was free .I see how far i was from the erasers or the ground i had escaped . I wondered what would happen next. All i knew was i was flying freely and wasn’t going to stop soon.