• Once upon a time a girl named Jana was a beautiful singer. She made up a song called “Got To Get Out Of Kansas”. At school her friend Leslie was also a great singer. One day after school Jana and Leslie were practicing the song that Jana made up. Jake walked by and heard them singing. He said that they were beautiful singers. She said thanks, but Amelia, his girlfriend, heard what he said and she walked up to Jana when Jake left. She said that Jana better stay away from her boyfriend. She walked off. Jana and Leslie entered the talent show. They sang the song “Got To Get Out Of Kansas”. Jake was standing in the crowd and just stared at Jana. Alex saw and got jealous. She got up on the stage and grabbed a mic. Amelia sang a song and sounded horrible. Everyone laughed her off stage. Jake ran after her, but she said to go away and I want to break up. He asked her why and she said because you love Jana and you know it. Jake came back and congratulated Leslie. He asked her where Jana went and she said to the hospital. Jake asked why and Leslie said that when you left Alex snuck up behind Jana and pushed her off stage. She has a broken arm, but will be ok. Jake came out and snuck on the ambulance like Jackie, Chelsea, Emma, and Angie did. At the hospital room when she awoke she was surrounded by friends who were holding flowers with get well soon cards. She got up and asked what had happened. Leslie, who was walking through the door, told her what had happened. The next day at school they helped her with her books. Alex and Amelia got mad and purposely ran into her to make her drop her books. Twelve weeks later her arm healed and there was a dance. It was a Halloween dance. Jake asked her to meet him at the dance. At the dance Jake was a gangster, Ryan a soccer player, Brad a football player, Chelsea a goddess, Leslie a princess, Angie a doctor, Jackie a teacher, and Emma a cup of coffee, and Jana was superstar. Jake asked Jana to dance. While they danced Jana’s favorite song, Irreplaceable, came on. Jana and Leslie sang the song on the karaoke machine. Then afterwards they did Soulja Boy. At the end of the dance the very last song Jake asked Jana to be his girlfriend. She said yes. It was time to go home and Jake snuck up behind Jana, tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around he kissed her on the cheek. Then he ran off. The next day at school Jana walked up to him and kissed him on the lips.

    The End