• Alysha panted.

    She was running through a field of cat-tails, they where coming. She could feel her weakened body giving way to the sores and bruises on her otherwise tough skin.

    Alysha had been mutated with the DNA of a fox, her tail was snagged with thorns, and her ears were sensitive to the noise of Dr. Vlods chasing after her in Berlin, Germany. The few houses around her were fast asleep, unawear that a mutated teen was running for her life.

    She tripped, falling onto her face to the cold, wet ground. She lay there for a second, her hands pushed off and she went running again. Her red sneekers were torn, and worn from travel. Then, there it was, there was a wide opening, she had to get out, she had to get free. On the other side of the opening was a forest, if she could get to it, I have to help the others...I have to free them..., She took her chance. Then she felt it, the world went in slow motion, she crampped, I...Have...To...Tell....Free..Them...James... She fell, hitting the ground in a sickening thud, Alysha's life was gone, the secret was still there. And she had failed James.