• *This story is purely fictional. Names and Places are randomly selected.*
    --The Characters--
    arrow Yujiro Achizawa- President of student council club;intelligent;athletic;rich;charming.
    arrow Yujin Achizawa- V. President;pretty;charming;musically inclined.
    arrow Jorgie Kochensparger- German;spoiled brat;loves parties;always gets what she wants;hot
    arrow Laika Ichiru- The planner of the club;very serious and mature for her age;wears eyeglasses;spends time on worthy things and not on such non-sense things.
    arrow Mizumi Irahara- athlete;can play almost all sports;friendly;charming;hot
    arrow Ken Kazama- the loner;loves to read books;spends most of the time in the hidden places at school.
    arrow Asuka Kazama- opposite of Ken;very friendly;fun-loving;hyper
    arrow Eira Li- the main character;very intelligent;charming;attractive.
    arrow Kai Kishima- eira's childhood friend;has a huge crush on Eira.
    arrow Mimi and Lala- twins;eira's best friends.
    --CHAPTER 1--
    *A New Beginning*

    "Kyaa!!Achizawa-san is really hot!!",shouts the girls from the back. "Ugh,I can't concentrate on what Im doing. Those girls keep shouting and shouting.", Eira complained. "omg eira..will you stop studying even for awhile?",Mimi and lala exclaimed. "I can't.The exams are nearing. I need to beat Yujiro."--Eira seriously said. "Duh?You beat him two years in a row. Won't you give him a chance?", mimi and lala said.

    EIRA: No. I want to make my parents proud.
    MIMI AND LALA: well.. were sure they are REALLY proud you.
    EIRA: please stop. I cant concentrate.(focuses hard on the problem she's solving)
    MIMI AND LALA: err..okay.(leaves)

    *eira suddenly drops her ballpen*

    EIRA: ..my pen..(goes under the table to find it)
    YUJIRO: looking for this?(holds the pen in his hand)
    EIRA: I..(stands up)yes.
    YUJIRO: here.(hands eira the pen)(smiles charmingly)
    EIRA: (looks down with embarassment)(continues her work)(finds herself glancing at yujiro)<what?!why am i looking at him?!concentrate..concentrate..>

    *at the corridors*(eira was walking)

    eira:that's weird.i feel dizzy.(holds her head)ugh..i better go down to eat.

    *she trips over something that made her lose balance*note:she was on the stairs.

    *Ken holds her hip so she wouldn't fall*

    EIRA: what..i thought im..(turns around)

    *ken looks at her intriguingly*

    eira: thanks for saving me.(smiles sweetly)

    *ken turns his back and leaves*

    eira: ....<his handkerchief! exclaim ..i better hand it over to him later.

    *after school*

    --in the student council club room--

    jorgie: (looks around)

    *in the student council club you can only hear asuka talking*

    jorgie: OMFG!this is like so boring.

    laika: as always.

    *mizumi enters*

    mizumi: yo guys.what's new?you all seem quiet.

    jorgie sad walks over to mizumi)MIZUMI!! stressed are you an idiot?it's always plain boring in here.

    mizumi: sweatdrop ehe..sorry.

    eira sad opens door lightly) excuse me..is ken here?

    jorgie: what?and who are you?have you ever heard of the word knocking?! stare

    eira:sorry. confused i uh,.am looking for ken.

    asuka: onii-chan? 4laugh why are you looking for him?

    eira:i want to return his handkerchief..he left it..awhile ago..

    jorgie:eh? ninja ken's..handkerchief?

    asuka: eek really?!

    jorgie:c'mon.give it to me. burning_eyes

    asuka:no!!!!!!! mad give it to me!!

    jorgie:it's mine asuka.give up.

    eira: neutral eh?

    mizumi:stop you wild girls.hey,let's go. i'll show you where ken is.

    eira surprised kay.(looks at jorgie and asuka fighting)

    *at a hidden place in school*--with tall trees and bushes*

    mizumi:ken!!come down for a minute.

    ken sad gets down from tree)..what do you.. want?

    mizumi:somebody wants to talk to you.(looks around)huh? question i thought she was behind me a moment ago..i'll go look for her inside.stay here ken.(goes inside the school again)

    ken sad hears a loud cry)

    eira: crying help mee...

    ken sad goes to the place where the voice comes from)

    *eira fell in a hole*

    ken:*looks around* ninja (holds on to a root of a tree)grab my hand.

    eira: cry i can't.(afraid)

    ken:stop crying!!just grab and hold!!i can't leave you there!

    *eira grabs ken's hand*(she got out of the hole)

    (ken hugs her tightly)

    eira: crying

    ken:stop crying.

    eira:*cries louder*

    ken:*kissed eira on her lips*(but not really that long)

    eira: redface *stopped crying*

    ken:it's okay now.

    eira:thank you for saving me again.(pulls out handkerchief from her pocket)your handkerchief..

    ken sad gets the handkerchief and wipes eira's tears)it's yours. i don't need it anymore.

    --inside the school--

    *mizumi sees ken and eira together*

    mizumi:what the?!where did you go?!


    mizumi:i was looking all over for you!! mad (grabs eira's hand)

    eira surprised uch! cry

    ken:idiot.she fell in a hole.she's bruised.

    mizumi sad sees her bruises) sad sorry.i'll..send you home if you want.

    ken sad turns around and leaves)

    eira:<where's ken??>thanks. smile

    mizumi:let's go.

    --in the car--

    mizumi:i heard your name is eira li.you're the smart kid in yujiro's section..am i right?


    mizumi:they're right.you are pretty.

    eira: redface i..

    mizumi:so..do you have a crush on yujiro?

    eira:<what?!..how did he..no..i can't..>

    --end of chapter 1--