• His teeth gnashed down harshly on her neck. She awoke from her slumber to find some one, or some thing, under her chin. Her neck burned in four different places. She tried to scream, but she couldn't make any sound come to her. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears, she was forced to listen to it fade. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she slipped away.
    The man released his new thrall. Satisfied with his work he stood at his full six foot seven inch height. He towered over her, as he turned to leave. His smile dissapated when he heard footsteps and voices from below. "In six years, girl, I will call upon you. Oh, and before I forget..." he smiled again, showing his reddened teeth, "happy birthday." He tied an anklet to her left foot, then vanished leaving the window open.
    "Its twelve o' clock, Raine! She should be up by now." her mother shouted. Raine shifted in his chair uncomfortably. He was worried too. She was often the first to rise, even when she was sick.
    "She probably doesn't want to come down and be "suprised", mom."
    Thier mother slammed her hand down on the table, as if she had something to say. But she smiled and picked up the piece of pottery instead. "Then we are going up to her!"
    He stood and walked with his mother. As they approached the door thier mother commented on hearing an open window. Raine also heard it. He turned the knob waiting for the customary "get out", but frowned when he heard nothing.
    They both pushed the door open and Raine flipped the light switch. The pottery shattered as it hit the ground at their mothers' feet. Raine ran to his sister and put his hand on her wrist.
    He immediately noticed the four puncture wounds on her neck. The lower two can barely be seen. All of them are getting more and more transparent. As if they were healing! , he thought. He pressed his ear against her chest while trying to drown out his mothers rambilings. "Mom! Shh, please!" he pleaded. She closed her mouth, but continued crying. He listened closely.
    She had no heartbeat.
    He dropped to his knees and stared at his sisters' too-pale body through tear blurred eyes. His mother closed her eyes and began trembilling from crying so hard. They both jerked themselves out of thier despair when she drew a sharp painfilled breath.