• Darkie and Raven’s Mission

    By Eric Gibson/Aka Darkie the Hedgehog

    ~It seemed like a simple mission for me and Raven to do. Just to save a girl and get out of the base before things got really crazy. But let me tell you….it wasn’t. But then I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the top of the crazy a** mission. It started not to long ago, on a cold day in the winter. I just woke up from a nap I took just a few hours early after breakfast Raven cooked that morning. She was wearing a pink apron that morning. Heh. Not saying she wanted to look cute but…meh. I was tried so I could have careless. After the nap I got up to go get ready for the mission the Raven heard of from a friend of hers in the city. As I got ready as I put on my black coat and shoes and my gray scarf, I was thinking over what Raven told me about the mission she told me about.~

    ((Raven: “Do you want to me to tell you again Darkie?”

    Darkie: “Please…”

    Raven: “Fine…We’re going to find and bring back a girl that was tooking from her home in the dead of night by G.U.N.”

    Darkie: “Who is the girl?”

    Raven: “The girl’s name is Gem. Gem the Hedgehog. She is a good friend that I know in the city that helps me with my racing skills, besides you.”

    Darkie: “I see…we best to get going then right?”

    Raven: “Yes we should Darkie. We have to save that girl and quick. Who know what they are doing to her…..”))

    ~After getting on my stuff and putting the aura sword on my back. I went to find Raven who was waiting for me at the east side of the city. It was the late afternoon time when all people of the city tend to get home quick to get dinner ready. As I walked down the street of the busy Metal City, I was thinking to myself about G.U.N. and how much I had so much hate for them like my father did. After a while I saw Raven wanting for me at the edge of the city, sitting near a bench with her red and black closed and thinking of her parents as she always did. She was wearing her red and black jumpsuit with her red and black shoes and also wearing red lip stick. ~

    Darkie” “Hey Raven. I’m here. You ready to go?”

    ~She opened her eyes quickly after hearing my voice and looked at me. ~

    Raven: “D…Darkie. Gezz...”

    Darkie: “Sorry to wake you.”

    Raven: “Heh. It’s ok Darkie.” ~She said with grin and winks playfully at him as well. ~ “And yes I am ready. Are you?”

    Darkie: “As always Raven.” ~I said to her holding my blade and grins back at Raven. ~

    Raven: “Heh. You and that damn sword.”

    Darkie: “Let’s just get going ok?”

    Raven: “Right. Let’s get going to the forest then.”

    ~With that she lifted me up into the air by my arms and slowly started to get ready to fly off into the forest to start our mission. I was a bit edgy about it for the moment. But after a bit flying in the air, I never bother with it. We landed in the forest soon after. ~

    Raven: “Ok Darkie. We’re here.”

    Darkie: “Good. Where do we start looking then Raven?” ~I began to ask her. ~

    Raven: “Well…we can start going down the river path first.”

    Darkie: “Right…you lead ok?”

    ~With that Raven begins to walk down the river path of the forest with me closed behind holding my sword close and watching out for any danger in the forest as well. See the way we speak to each, it seemed like we’re were very close. Like brother and sister if you will. We kept going for hours on end as we walked the path. After just 5 hours in the forest, we took a rest need a big oak tree. I sat on the left while Raven sat on the right of the tree. ~

    Raven: “You ok Darkie. You seem a bit tried.” ~Said Raven looking a bit tried herself from the walk. ~

    Darkie: “Yea...I should be fine. I just need a quick rest that’s all.” ~I said feeling tired from the long walk. ~

    Raven: “Ok then. I’m going to get some water then. Stay here ok?” ~After saying this, she went into the forest to a river to get us some water while I rested near the tree. A few hours pasted as I rested there, thinking of my friends and my love Rocky and also of the mission I needed to complete with Raven. I was thinking and hoping that that girl Gem would be ok. ~

    ~After a few hours, Raven came back with the water for us to drink. I was asleep by then as she walked towards me with the water in bottles she brought with her. ~

    Raven: “Ah…I see he is asleep. Best not to wake him then.” ~She said gently with a smile. ~ “Well he needs the rest anyway.” ~She said to herself as she sat near me with her hand on mine. Like I said before: we’re like family so I didn’t mind it. A few more hours passed and it was morning. She was beside me watching over me as I slept the whole night. She was standing over me as I begin to wake up. ~

    Darkie: “Ugh…morning already…?” ~ I said as I yawned and opened my red and green eyes and rubbed them with my right hand. ~

    Raven: ~She said to me with a smile and her eyes closed. ~ “Yup…morning sleepy head.”

    Darkie: “Right…we should get going right?”

    Raven: “Yes…let’s keep going ok?”

    ~With that, we got started walking towards the G.U.N. base where Gem the Hedgehog was being held. Meanwhile at the base, in a cell block area close to the weapons bay, a green female hedgehog with light ice blue eyes and wearing ice blue dress was in the cell. She was crying. Crying to get out of the cell where the G.U.N. leader had put her by order of him to his soldiers. ~

    Gem: “Why me...Why? I did nothing wrong.” ~She said sobbing to herself. ~

    G.U.N. Soldier: “Quiet in there….no more from you…”

    Gem: “Please…let me out sir…please?”

    G.U.N. Soldier: “Sorry kid. The leader needs you. We here at G.U.N. need to do some test on you creatures that came into our world. You…might be of uses to us.”

    Gem: “What…why? Please tell me...”

    G.U.N. Soldier: “You’ll find out soon…Heh.” ~The male said with a smirk as he walked away from the cell door, leaving the female hedgehog to fear for her life. ~

    ~Meanwhile back in the forest just a few yards from the base, I and Raven were rushing towards the heavily guarded G.U.N. base. We were determined to find Gem and get her out of there safe and sound. We know it be a tough thing getting her out of there knowing that the base would be well guarded by the G.U.N. Soldier. But we didn’t mind it. Just like me, Raven loves a good challenge. As we reached the base, we saw the guards watching over the base. The cameras were watching for any movement of anyone that wanted to get inside from the tree above them. ~

    Raven: “Heh…we can take them right?” ~Said Raven with a smirk. ~

    Darkie: “Heh…let’s just do it quick and get Gem out of there.”

    Raven: “Right…HERE WE GO!” ~With that, Raven jumps from the tree and does a spin in the air before flying down to one of the guards and spin kicks him towards the entry way of the base.~

    Darkie: “Right…TIME TO PARTY!” ~As for me, I used Chaos Control to side step towards one of the guards and sweeps him off his feet before slamming him down to the ground with my feet.~

    ~We kept fight for a bit until all of the guards were taken out and the cameras as well. ~

    Raven: “That was fun…but let’s go in and save the girl.”

    Darkie: “Right…let’s go then Raven.”

    ~We begin to walk into the base slowly. Seeing the front door, we both smirked at each other and nodded and began to jump into the air and spin kicked the door down. When the door fell down, we walked right into the base grinning and going to save Gem from her faith. Meanwhile, Gem was being taking to another part of the base. Once there, she was surrounded by men in lab coats and the G.U.N. leader of the base was waiting by a lab table ready to do their tests upon her.~

    G.U.N. Leader: “It’s time little girl….”

    Gem: “….No….don’t please…”

    G.U.N. Leader: “Put her on the table right now…and make sure she doesn’t move...”

    Lab men: “Yes sir.”

    ~The men in white begin to grab her as she tried to break free as they put her on the lab table and hold her down as they tied her down to make sure she didn’t get away. Afterwards, one of the men went to a machine on the other side of the room as the others backed away from her including the G.U.N. Leader. The Leader gives him the word to start the machine which begins to shock Gem slowly as she begins to shout for them to stop. ~

    Gem: “STOP!”

    G.U.N. Leader: “Up the power now!”

    Lab men: “Right.”

    ~As he does so, the power spikes to higher levels, and Gem body begins to shout even more in pain as a dark aura covers her body slowly as her fur turns from green to dark green and her ice blue eyes turn dark blue and her dress turned from ice blue to dark blue as well. She even started to growl slowly as the power from the machine goes through her body and helps her to break free from the binds that held her down. She begins to float into the air slowly with a evil grin upon her face as the dark aura flows in her hands and a dark blue hammer comes into her hands and her voice begins to sound demonic.~

    Gem: “Hehehe…you humans….can keep me held down….none of you can…”

    G.U.N. Leader: “Get her now….NOW!”

    Gem: “Heh…let them try…that is…if they want to lose their lives!”

    ~She begins to swing the hammer once and a wave of power throws the All G.U.N. Soldiers away from her as she laughs evilly in the air at the G.U.N. Leader hiding in the corner of the room. Meanwhile, Raven and I were just getting to the very room Gem and the G.U.N. Leader were at. I was beginning to feel the dark aura coming from the room and I stopped for a bit as I felt the power. Raven soon stopped as she saw me knee down to the floor just few feet from the room. ~

    Raven: “Darkie, you ok?”

    Darkie: “Y…Yea…is that….Gem..?”

    Raven: “Damn…if that is…we best to get in there right now…COME ON!”

    ~She quickly grabbed me by my arm and raced towards the room as fast as she could. She had the fear in her that Gem maybe in danger or something worst then that. She raced even faster down the hallway with me right behind her. When we reached the room, she leaned on the door slowly as she felt the power even more. It was indeed as she feared. It was coming from her friend Gem. The one that was the nice girl you could turn to, the one that could do no wrong, the very girl that could not harm anyone…had a dark side. Raven fell to the floor with tears in her eyes as she tries to understand what might have happened. ~

    Raven: “Oh…..damn it….why? Why her….WHY?!”

    Darkie: “Raven…we got to stop this….come on…snap out of it.”

    Raven: “Ok…let’s do this….”

    ~Without another word from me, she went towards the door and kicked it as hard as she could, breaking down the door and looking towards the power hungry Gem. ~

    Gem: “Ah…I see you guys came for me…let’s kill these humans together and get this over with…then we can go home together…”

    Raven: “Gem…your filled with dark power…snap out of it right now…”

    Gem: “HA! Why should I? Why should I spare this…..sorry, no good human? THEY NEVER SPARED US!”

    Darkie: “True…doesn’t give you the right to kill them over what they did. Please just stop this…and we can go home. We don’t wish to fight.”

    Gem: ~She begins to sound more demonic. ~ “Heh…you…both of you….are….COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Raven: “That’s it….THAT’S IT! Darkie…I’m taking her down…”

    Darkie: “Mind if I join in this…”

    Raven: “Now hun, you know I don’t mind you fighting with me.”

    ~With that, I began to put out one of my swords. It was the aura blade. One of my favorites really. Raven pulled out her demon sword and she was ready to fight Gem: even thought she didn’t want to…she had to. Gem’s power grew even more as she smirked at both of us and slammed her hammer towards the floor making a shockwave of power which came towards us fast. We both jumped out the way and landed next to each other holding our swords. ~

    Raven: “Damn she is tough.”

    Darkie: “Heh…no kidding Raven…we need to get rid of the hammer and now…”

    Gem: “Heh…I love to see you try that Darkie…” ~She said as she smirked and laughed evilly as she winked as well at me. ~

    Darkie: “Fine…you asked for it!”

    ~As I charged at Gem, she smirked again as she snapped her fingers at me and made clones of herself. They all begin to attack me at once and without another thought in my head, I began to spin around and slashed all the clones that were coming at me one-by-one. I then use chaos control and appeared behind her with a smirk of my own. ~

    Darkie: “Now for that hammer.”

    ~I then grab her from behind and held her arms out with her hold her hammer tight in her hands and kicking at me to let go.~

    Gem: “GRRRRRRRRR. LET ME GO! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    Raven: “Right! HERE GO!”

    ~Raven begins to fly towards me and Gem trying to get the demon like hammer out of the power hungry demon Gem. Gem was still kicking at me to let go and was moving around to get me to let go. Raven them grabbed the hammer and slashed it. The demon hammer broke into two and turned into ash right before all of us and the G.U.N. Leader who was still in the corner cowering away as he saw us try to tame the demon power inside Gem that he and his men and white brought out of her body.~

    G.U.N. Leader: “Ugh…now...is my chance to…”

    Darkie: “WHERE YOU GOING YOU?!”

    G.U.N. Leader: “Ugh…”

    Raven: “We’ll deal with you later…just keep your tail there….GOT IT?!”

    Gem: ~Her voice begins to sound more calmer and her body and power begins to turn back to normal and she begins to cry as she falls into Raven’s arms and hugs her tight.~ “I’m…sorry…guys…”

    Raven: “It’s ok…it’s not your fault ok….?”

    Darkie: “Yea…it’s his doing…these…G.U.N. fools…”

    G.U.N. Leader: “Damn…Ugh….”

    Darkie: “What are we going to do with him anyway?”

    Raven: “Leave him…he is not worth the worry…as long as Gem is safe…I’m happy…”

    Gem: ~She held onto Raven close and still in tears but is smiling as well. ~ “Thanks guys….really...all I want to do is go home now….”

    Raven: ~She smiled at Gem and held her close as well. ~ “Sure kiddo….let’s go home ok? You…me….and Darkie….” ~She then looked up at me and smiled. ~

    Darkie: ~As I smiled back at both Raven and Gem and begin to walk out the base with them. ~ “Yea…let’s go home…”

    ~And with that, me, Raven, and Gem walked out the base leaving the wounded G.U.N. Leader lying on the ground, we were happy that the fight was over. But in the back of my mind, I know it wasn’t over. Not by a long shot. I know that there were more bases out there to take out and more victims out there for G.U.N. So I know now what my mission is: To take down G.U.N. and save those who might become another one of their victims for chaos….Just like Gem. Thus…close my mission log. And boy…what a mission it was for me and Raven…~