• At age fourteen I was found unconscious and bleeding on the streets of New York City. I don't remember much of that night, I remember waking up in the ambulance truck on the way to the hospital. There was a detective in the truck with me, when I opened my eyes he asked me my name, that was all he said. I woke again three days later in a hospital room, I was told I had suffered two gun shot wounds, one to the back and on in my side. A few hours later I was told my parents were found dead in a trash can just out side the hotel we were staying at.
    See I didn't live in New York, me and my parents were there visiting my aunt and uncle for a few weeks,we were staying in the hotel Daren Lu Queen, when all this happened.
    The same detective that was in the truck with me came in a few hours later to tell me how they found me. It was kinda scary. He asked if I new of anyone that could have wanted us dead but I couldn't think of anyone. Then he asked what had happened before I was shot. He asked when the last time last time I saw my mom and dad was, I couldn't remember any of that either. All in all I was no help and felt terrible.
    I stayed in the hospital for a few more days, detective Ryan Jones made daily trips to see me, he'd ask me the same questions each day to see if I could remember anything. I gave him the same answer, I couldn't, I tried but I couldn't. He'd say it was ok and leave a few minutes later.
    When I was released from the hospital I had to take a trip to the morgue to identify my parents. It was a terrible sight, there bodies were covered with third degree burns, there were places were you couldn't tell there was a bone. There were cuts and bullet holes all through there bodies. Mom had a bullet hole in her hip and one in her head, there were knife stabs in her ribs and arms. Her face was so messed up I could hardly tell it was her, it looked as if someone had cut away her flesh with a dull knife.
    Dad had a bullet hole in his hip and one in the back of his head. There were also many stabbing wounds on him as well. His jaw was broke in many different places and there were ribs that were sticking out from his side. He wasn't quite as burnt as mom was but it was still just as sick. His eyes had been cut out and it looked as if someone had taken a knife to his face as well. I was shaken up badly when I saw them.
    Ryan took me back to the hotel so I could get my stuff then to my aunt and uncles. Aunt Linda was in tears when I walked up to the door. She asked Ryan to stay and while and got me settled into a room. I walked back down stairs to the room where she and Ryan were talking, he asked her if she knew of anyone who would want my parents dead, she as well couldn't think of anyone. My mom and dad were fun loving and kind people.
    "When was the last time you saw your sister Mrs. Danns?" he asked.
    "Two day's ago I think," She said. I sat down next to her and took her hand. She gave me a weak smile and turned back to Ryan.
    "There is no one you can think of that might have wanted on or the other of them dead?" he asked again. He had a notepad in his hand and a tape recorder on the table. "There is no one I can think of. Tina was a cheerful, giving girl."
    "And what of Mrs. Keith's husband?"
    "No Jacob was just like Tina just as generous. They made the perfect couple" She began to cry again and excused herself from the living room.
    Ryan wrote something in his note book and looked up at me. "How are you feeling today?" that question was a little late, but his voice was calm and comforting and I knew he was just trying to help.
    "Physically, I am feeling fine," I answered a little gruffly.
    He set his notepad down and leaned forward, "you going to hold up or do you want to go somewhere else?"
    "Where else could I go? I don't have the money to stay at the hotel."
    "I know of this family here in the city that has been looking for a young girl to take care___"
    At that I jumped strait up, "I am NOT living with a foster family," I had to take a deep breath, "I am sure these people are very kind but if you think that a new family would be good for me then you have another thing coming."
    He stood then, "Look I'm not meaning to make you upset, I was just suggesting them if you were uncomfortable here__"
    "I know your intentions are good detective, but I have enough problems as it is, and I don't need to be making someones life miserable because I cant accept them as a mom or dad." I cut in. I doubted he could understand anyways but I thought I had better try anyways. I couldn't believe that he had even suggested it. I thought he was much more thoughtful and understanding than that. How could I just pawn off to another family when my own mom and dad weren't even resting in peace yet, and I had to take care of my aunt. Now I know what fuel prices are now a days and I don't think that a new family would be willing to drive me back and fourth to my aunts house and back each day. There was no way I was living with a foster family.