• 1985, 12 years before Meteor Fall, Gaia

    Thunder and lightning crackled in the purple clouds, which hovered over the forgotten citadel. The beautiful shades of the purple clouds clashed with the forest of trees which glowed green from the ambient life-force which flowed through the planet and the blood of its life forms.

    Many people would enjoy storms, even the children would love and count how many flashes they had seen. But on the contrary, some would hide, trying to block the rumble of the thunder and cover their eyes to not see the bright and sharp flashes of lightning.

    There is a sense of fear and love for storms in Gaia. One of the many mortals who don't enjoy them, is a girl called Kajja.

    As the many shell-like homes in the Forgotten City illuminated with another crack of lightning, inside one of them, an 5 year-old girl cowered again under her duvet covers blocking the elements of the storm. Kajja gulped and poked her head out of the covers, thinking that the storm was over.

    Like her previous guesses, she was wrong and like a frightened animal, she pulled her head back to her soft, comfy sanctuary. Kajja whimpered as she began to shake in fear; she had a right to be scared Kajja had no siblings to hold her tightly or stroke her hair comfortably. Her 3 older sisters Sephine, Laz and Yazï, have been missing for a couple of years now, the coincidence was that in the past years all three of them disappeared in a separate storms, pretty much like this one.

    Kajja shivered as she hugged her river Chocobo plushie tightly as another rumble of thunder vibrated off the clouds and into her ears. The last people she had who looked after her was her Original, Kadaj, and his brothers, Sephiroth, Loz and Yazoo, all of them were Original’s of her missing sisters. The little girl’s silver hair flopped in front of her eyes as she jumped to hear the sound of a door opening and closing.

    “Kajja, are you in here?” asked a boys voice.

    Kajja peeked through a small gap in her duvet and saw a boy, with neck-length silver hair it was side parted so half of his face was covered. He was wearing a baggy black t-shirt and trousers; he looked like he was a little taller than her.

    “K…Kadaj…?” Kajja squeaked from under the covers

    The boy or known as Kadaj turned around to face Kajjas hiding place, he gave a small smile and walked over. His strides were graceful even for a boy who was older than her by a year, Kadaj grabbed a hold of the top of the covers and lifted it up, it made Kajja twist around inside and let go of the duvet watching her burrow morph back into a blanket and bed.
    “Why are you in there?” He asked sweetly, his tone was unfamiliar to Kajja so she frowned but replied “Because…I’m scared” Kadaj gave a little laugh.

    “Because you’re scared…? There’s nothing wrong, the storm has stopped. Sephiroth says its time to come out” Kadaj said, he gave another laugh when he repeated Kajja’s reason.

    Kajja gulped at the name of her Original’s eldest brother, Sephiroth. She didn’t exactly like him, practically, she was scared off him because of what he works as. “…Sephiroth…said so…?” she repeated terrified.

    Kadaj smiled and held a hand out, “C’mon everything is safe…You didn’t get caught by the storm” he said gently. Kajja nodded and took a hold of his hand but was soon roughly grabbed by Kadaj’s other hand; she was yanked over to him like a rag doll. He wore a smile so creepy and scary it looked like a crazy clown.

    “…Yet…” Kadaj hissed, Kajja gulped and tried to pull away from her Original. “Let go! Let go! Loz, Yazoo! HELP!!” she shrieked, tears starting to roll down her cheeks in fear. As if they heard her from the other side of the door, two boys entered the room; one with short silver hair which was slicked back by gel and the other had shoulder length silver hair, which cascaded down his sloping shoulders, surely mistaken for a girl.

    “Yes Kajja, what is it?” asked the girl-like boy, his voice would also mistake him as a girl; it was smooth and dream-like. His voice sounded slightly mocking, the short haired boy laughed shortly after “What does it look like Yazoo, we’re helping ourselves” he explained. Yazoo gave a quick smile and looked at the older boy, “Loz, you’re not going to be a good villain you know that” he stated.

    Loz frowned and crossed his arms, “At least I tried” he whimpered. Yazoo shook his head hopelessly and turned his sights to Kadaj and Kajja. The girl was now crying, even more scared “W-wh-where’s Sephiroth…?” she asked urgently, hoping that her least favorite brother would save her. It was now Kadaj to laugh, “He’s off to Nibelhiem with Fair” he explained.

    “Does he know…what you are doing?!” Kajja shouted a little disappointed that her savior was gone. All of the three brothers smiled at each other and replied; “Yes”

    The little girl gulped and started to struggle again, her feet scrambling skidding backwards before an idea popped in her head quickly and ceased her struggling. “Where are you taking me then?” she asked. The brothers looked at each other puzzled by her sudden change of personality, Loz, unfortunately gave that part of information away too.

    “We’re taking you to the lake” he said, proudly standing up straight and looked at his brothers who glared at him disgusted “What?” Loz asked confused.

    Kadaj snapped his attention at Kajja and started to pull her along, out of her bedroom, her barrack of safety and comfort. Kajja gulped I hope this works… she thought in her head.

    Half an hour had passed and the three-brothers plus Kajja were standing around the lake, it looked calm at the moment, not like a storm had barely touched it. Kajja examined the lake water, “Are you sure it’s safe?” she asked uncertainly. She felt her wrists grip been tightened by Loz, she knew he was not so sure either.

    Kadaj stood in front of the group surrounding the lake; he had a smile which resembled Sephiroths upon his face. “…Why of course” Kadaj purred as he turned around turning around to face Kajja, even though he was only 6, the boy’s mind ticked differently from the other children actually everyone who are apart of him or his family are always different. It was probably because of their mother, Jenova, was an intellectual being and a scientist. The 6 year old flicked his head towards the lake, Loz gulped and stuttered “Are you sure, because you know she can’t really take care of -” he was cut off by Kadaj’s shout.

    “Just do it!” Loz looked sympathetically at Kajja and led her to the highest patch of dirt and rubble which had the lake down the below. The second oldest brother let go of Kajja’s wrists and sighed.

    “Sorry, Kajja but this is going to help us from what big brother says” he apologized quietly in his little brothers Duopel in the ear. Kajja slightly turned around to ask why but she was soon shoved into the icy cold water, the little girl looked up at the surface and begun to swim up but when she tried swimming up, the water made it look like she was sinking faster to the lakes depths. What’s happening?! she panicked in her head and continued to swim until her limbs started to ache. Kajja wanted to breathe and looked around, everything was black. This felt like a terrible nightmare.

    Kajja could only see an eerie immaculate glow, she looked at her body it was glowing pure snow white. Kajja looked up, she wanted to scream, she wanted to cry for help but she couldn’t. The girl couldn’t hold onto her breath anymore and let it go, she didn’t feel any water rush into her mouth and lungs, Kajja exhaled out again, oxygen bubbles were blown out of her mouth. Was she dead? Or was she dreaming? She was brought back to reality when something touched her shoulder, Kajja spun around to see an older girl. She too was glowing an eerie white, the right side of her hair was longer then the left side. Her fringe was pinned to the left with the short side with two barrettes; the older girl had almond-pale skin probably because of the water.

    The girl’s clothes were out of time, she wore a cranberry pink jumper with a cappuccino cream collar sticking out at weird angles. She also wore a cappuccino cream knee-length skirt along with green and white knee-length socks and black clog-like shoes. Kajja didn’t pay attention of what she was wearing but was mesmerized by her eyes; the girls eyes were a glowing crimson, it made her look like a water demon.

    “Don’t worry. You’re safe here now” the older girl said comfortingly. Kajja looked at her puzzled; the girl returned the look with a little “huh?”

    “Who are you?” Kajja asked, she finally snapped out of her trance with the red eyes and examined her clothes now. She laughed “and what are you wearing?!”

    The girl looked a little ashamed of what she is wearing, but regained her soft expression once again. “My name is Vanessa Valentine. And what I’m wearing is the latest trend for us girls in Nibelhiem” she explained. Kajja pondered for a while, Vanessa Valentine? I know that name somewhere she thought before looking up at the girl. Maybe Vanessa didn’t know what it’s like up there now, maybe she came from a different time and thought this is still her time. Kajja felt a little guilty for Vanessa and looked down.

    Vanessa frowned at the new girl who entered this world. “What’s wrong?” she asked, her eyes filled with concerned. Kajja looked up and sighed sadly, if Vanessa was mistaken for a demon she would just be a fallen angel. “Vanessa that was 35 years ago…” Kajja explained she had learned this from school and her brother Sephiroth, the little girl swore she saw something flash in the girls eyes. Vanessa laughed “35 years? Don’t mess around…If it has been 35 years than my Original would be a 52 year-old man and I would be a 51 year-old woman!” she laughed.

    Kajja shook her head, has this girl gone mad? But she was right; she would be a middle aged woman by now going grey. Kajja gasped at something in her head, “unless…you’re…dead…along with your Original!” she explained loudly. Vanessa shook her head not believing what Kajja is saying.

    “I can’t be...I just can’t!” Vanessa yelled holding her head.

    Kajja now felt guilty and upset now, this girl doesn’t want to be dead. She wants to believe that she is still alive. “That’s the only reason…” Kajja stated finally.

    The little girl just watched Vanessa’s caring aura disintegrate and turned into an aura of sadness and grief. Kajja walked up to her, she was still curious about whom she really was, what was Vanessa’s story, how she ended up like this. Kajja had a feeling that this is only the beginning, Vanessa looked over at the girl she wore a frown of confusion she felt Kajja hug her tightly, like a little sister would.

    Vanessa smiled but suddenly remembered something about this world; her crimson eyes widened and then shouted “No stop!”

    The two of them were engulfed in the light which illuminated their bodies.

    1950, Nibelhiem, Gaia

    Kajja opened her eyes she noticed that Vanessa was gone. She was not in her arms anymore. Kajja looked around; she was in a hallway to what feels like a manor. She was panicking so much that she could hear her heart beat rapidly out loud, as the minutes go by it sound got closer and closer, Kajja soon realized that the sound was not her heart beat but footsteps.

    She turned around and saw a shadow dance upon the wall, which was beside a staircase. The shadow got closer with its footsteps, the 5 year old panicked and then turned around to see a door, she made a grab for it but her hand went through it like she was a ghost. Kajja examined her hand and then turned around as the footsteps stopped.

    A boy had stopped to turn around. He was wearing a navy blue suit with a black tie; on his arms were yellow armbands with a corp. logo Kajja recognized it, it was the logo for ShinRa Electrical Manufacturing Facility. The boy turned back around, Kajja gasped in shock the boy’s eyes and hair…were similar to Vanessa’s except that the left side was longer then the right and was even more messier at the back.

    “Vincent, remember that you are going to patrol tonight!” someone called out.

    The boy –or known as Vincent- nodded but pursed his lips into a small frown and started walking towards the door where Kajja is standing. It seems that Vincent didn’t notice her or hears her little whimpers; she had a feeling though that he felt her while walking through her.

    Vincent turned around and gave a little shiver, “Damn. Father must get the heating sorted…” he muttered before opening the door. Kajja took the chance and ran in the room even though she could walk through it.

    Is this…Her memories? she thought while looking around, the room was definitely old-fashioned. Posters of bright colored people dancing and music were pasted on the wall, dark green and light green striped wallpaper had started to peel away from its dark oak borders. Near the window was a small table and on top of it was a record player, loud and upbeat music played loudly in the room, trumpets, clarinets, cellos’ and drums hooked Kajja up to a feeling of wanting her to dance to it, to stop the urge she tapped her toes to the beat.

    She looked around and then spotted Vanessa, who was lying on her bed but now was sitting up. Kajja didn’t understand, what was going on with this world? Is there a rule of not touching someone without seeing something bad in their past lives? Kajja looked at Vanessa and then at Vincent, her legs were aching for rest and fatigue, she looked behind her and saw a small stool.

    That wasn’t there before she thought before taking the seat before asking anymore questions, she turned her attention to the pair of teens giving each other death glares.

    The music eased a little queuing the vocalist to start her singing.

    Vanessa had bowed her head, while Vincent turned around his back facing her.

    Who's that whisperin' in the trees?
    It's two sailors and they're on leave
    Pipes and chains and swingin' hands
    Who's your daddy? Yes I am

    The lyrics danced around the room, not exactly matching the atmosphere of the scene. Vanessa raised both of her hands they started to shake but she clenched them tightly into fists and lowered them. “How was reporting?” she asked trying to sound cheery.

    Vincent shrugged and walked to a desk; he turned around and leaned onto it crossing his arms. “Alright” he simply replied

    Vanessa looked up at him with a frown, she detected something wrong. “Is that it? Alright? There has to be something more…” she asked getting a little worried.

    Vincent laughed a little and smiled “Like I said, nothing…Geez why are you so uptight” he joked. Vanessa glared at him she wasn’t joking around, “Vincent! Tell me!” she yelled. Kajja saw something twitch in him and out, did he want her to find out? Vincent took a deep breath and looked at the girl opposing him with a tightening smile on his lips

    “I told you. I’m. Fine” he replied through gritted teeth, his fists now clenched.

    Vanessa stood up, “No. You’re. Not!” she yelled back also in gritted teeth. Vincent stomped away from her to face a wall and then swung back round again “Why do you treat me like a little dog or a kid?!” he yelled angrily.

    “Probably to help you!”

    “Help me? Why?! I’m 17 years-old. I’m also a qualified ShinRa Youth member and you’re Original!”

    “That’s the reason Vincent, because you are my Original. One day you’re going to get both of us killed!” Vanessa yelled back at him, her hands were trembling.

    Vincent snarled “I don’t care what happens to you!” He swung back at the wall and punched it, grazing his knuckles in the process. He winced but looked over his shoulder and saw Vanessa her head bowed, her hands now trembling.

    “I do…I care for myself and you but my kindness not only got us in this situation…I also got my friends killed…OUR friends! I had to carry Josie’s corpse to the hospital but when I got out of the company building…It was too late” Vanessa’s voice started to tremble even more, it sounded like she was on the brink of tears.

    Vincent looked at her and sighed, stressed. “Vanessa if you want to know I reported that the Swing Kids are planning of attacking the ShinRa Youth HQ” he stated, the 17 year old boy continued to stare at her. He noticed that something has snapped within her, Vanessa walked over to him and hissed “What…?”

    Vincent braced himself for her rant, but instead there was an uneasy silence. “Vanessa I-”

    “WHY? VINCENT,WHY?” Vanessa yelled at him. Tears were flooding from her eyes; this girl was hurt too much on the out and inside. Kajja wanted to know what was happening, she knew that Vanessa and Vincent’s relationship is falling apart because of ShinRa Youth but is that it? Just ShinRa? No Kajja thought it isn’t it was the deaths of Vanessa’s friends, whoever they were, and now Vincent telling her that he reported something that was not meant to be heard.

    Vincent looked at her, not affected by her tears. “It had to be done; everyone wants Swing Kids to be stopped. They are affecting everyone in the town, yet alone the world”

    “And what? Putting your life in danger because I’m in it? Or do you want me to…” Vanessa paused and looked down at her shoes. Vanessa had become close to Vincent now, Vincent watched her carefully “Vanessa…?”


    Vincent held his cheek, it was searing his muscles. He looked at his Duopel, what’s wrong of joining the winning side? It’s not that they’re killers, ShinRa Youth is helping us prepare of a war, and we need as many people to help Vincent thought with a grimace and hissed at her “You worthless little…!” Vincent growled and stomped out of the bedroom while slamming the door.

    Vanessa fell to her knees and looked at her trembling hands; she winced at the sight of a image in her head. She looked at them again and saw the blood of her fallen comrades; Vanessa choked on her sobs and screamed before hugging herself, rocking back and forth. Kajja jumped from her stool and rushed to Vanessa and touched her lightly on the shoulder, Vanessa looked up and faced the little girl. “Now you know why” she muttered.

    Kajja shook her head “What happened after?” she asked. Vanessa shook her head, “I don’t know…it’s better if we get out of here” Vanessa explained now standing up like nothing just happened. Everything started to dissolve into the water-like darkness, the immaculate glow on to the girls bodies returned to them. Kajja frowned and looked at Vanessa, “but what did you do after?” she asked again.

    The 16 year-old sighed and smiled weakly, “I ran away, I left a letter for my mother and her original, Grimoire and it was also for Vincent but…I left his name out because one it was a quick letter and I didn’t expected to end up like this” she explained. Kajja nodded trying to take in the information, “I see” was the only thing she could say.

    Vanessa looked down at Kajja in disbelief.

    “I didn’t quite catch your name”

    “And I didn’t quite get where we are, oh and my name is Kajja”

    “Kajja? Hmm”


    “Well then Kajja, welcome to Limbo”