• Murder’s Witness…

    Miss O’Light was a young woman who lived alone, except for her children, after her husband’s tragic death in a fire. She had three children. One son and two daughters. The eldest of the three was her son Ian, 13, the second was Emilia, 10, and the youngest was, the new born, Cassandra. They all lived together in a large house just outside a little town. There was nothing unordinary about the house except for its sheer size. It was tremendous and was carelessly placed on the hillside, making it look even more intimidating. They had just recently moved here after the fire that killed their father. The small home was relatively unscathed, but it held too many heart-breaking memories.

    Mr. O’Light’s mother was the one who bought the place for them, to help the family get away from their sadness. Unfortunately, that hope was far from met. Miss O’Light was pleased from the moment she caught sight of the house as they drove up in their car. Ian and Cassandra seemed pleased as well, but Emilia was far from convinced. As soon as they pulled up into the long drive Emilia began to throw a fit, she began to cry and shout
    “I don’t want to go into that death trap! I will not go in there! I won’t! Won’t! Won’t!”
    “Honey,” said her mom gently, “It is going to be alright. This is a nice place. I know it is hard to adjust to a new house and school, but it will be alright. There is no need to throw such a fuss.”
    “I will never call this home!”
    “ Come now Emilia.” said her brother, Ian, soothingly. “It will be alright. It is better this way.”
    “No!” screamed Emilia. “It will not be alright! This is a bad house! Bad things will happen to us if we stay there!”
    “Now Emilia this is for the best and that is final.” said Ian sternly.
    “I don’t want to die.” said Emilia softly. “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be hurt. I don't want to be lost.”
    Ian and Miss O’Light just gave each other a nervous look.

    She will just get over it. It is just the fear of change that is all. Nothing to fear. Everything will be okay. Miss O’Light thought to herself.

    It was late in October when Emilia finally seemed to get over her fear of living in the new house. This seemed to prove to Miss O’Light that they were going to be able to live here comfortably. These good feelings did not last long. On December 17 when little Cassandra fell ill. She came down with a terrible fever that ravaged this poor young girl’s body. It was less than a week since Cassandra caught the fever when it turned for the worse and she had to be hospitalized. Pretty soon after the hospitalization that the bills seemed to pile up out of control. Ian had to find a job, Miss O’Light had to work double shifts just to make end’s needs, and that was not even including the money they would need to pay for an operation. Soon the need for treatment went out of hand. If they did not operate soon, Cassandra would be dead before her first birthday.

    (To be continued...)