• It was a dark and stormy night. There were gnomes outside on the street shouting “wa-wa-wee-woo!” Inside a big house were two boys named Jason and Gary. They were listening to an Austrian Christmas rap song, and talking about pink socks.
    “Oh my god pink socks are the best thing on the face of the Earth!” Gary exclaimed.
    “I know, right,” replied Jason excitedly.
    Then a chipmunk ran into the room, and Garrett exclaimed, “Hi Anna!”
    A very shocked Jason says in response, “Why did you name your chipmunk after Anna?”
    “IDK…she’s my BFF,” replied Gary.
    “I thought I was your best friend!”
    “Those days are over honey, get out of my house!” Gary stated.
    As Jason turns to walk out of the house, he notices outside, that over a thousand gnomes were standing on the street shouting “wa-wa-wee-woo!”
    Then he turns to Gary and exclaims the fact that they have been invaded by gnomes wearing pointed, red hats. Then he turns to walk away (yet again) and notices that the one up in front that was shouting the loudest was butt-naked.
    “Ew! Naked gnome!” Jason cried, and ran down the street, without even grabbing an umbrella.