• Chapter One...
    Throughout the gentle afternoon, came the sound of old doors opening and ropes being snapped. This dreadful sound, banished the only peacefulness that drifted through the air. Alone, an aging man moved slowly on the rooftops. After subduing more than three roof guards, the man lay on his stomach, and started to crawl towards the edge. At this point, the man didn’t want to draw attention from anyone.
    At age 38, the man had piercing blue eyes along with dark brown hair. As an assassin, he had a dagger hidden in each boot, a long sword along with throwing knifes, and a special bow you could take apart, and hide it in a cloak pocket. His arrows were in a different pocket that was able to hold more the twenty arrows at a time. Along with his range and melee weapons, he also had some ‘magic’ items. A small satchel of smoke pellets that would allow you an easier escape and a bottle of medicine that cured the worst headache, sore, burn, or itch. But, the potion would not cure the dead, or any deep wound, just minor scratches.
    The assassin peek over the rooftop, and listened to his target.

    “These people don’t belong here,” cried Elijah Curt as he walked around a small wooden stage that held four nooses, “They waste their lives in pitiful ways and ridiculous ideas! They shouldn’t have the right to live!” Elijah Curt trotted over to a dirty man who stood by three others, all who had a noose around their necks. Elijah spit in all their faces as he walked by them saying, “The thief, The Witch, The Liar, The Believer!” The crowd behind Elijah threw insults at all four people as did Elijah. Elijah then smiled as he walked off the stage to take another gulp of whiskey, when he bumped into a beautiful woman. As a man, Elijah could resist, to look the woman up and down, before making his way past her.
    “Elijah Curt, I think you would like to hear what I would like to say.” Called the woman as she turned to watch Elijah. “This is life or death to you too!”
    “And how would that be Miss?” Asked Elijah as he too turned around and slowly walked back over to the lady. “You do not scare me Curt! You are no match for what is to befall you right before you pull that lever to drop the four innocent people out there! You have no right to take their lives!”
    “You think these things have rights! You think they are innocent!” Elijah was angry now, “How is the Thief innocent? He stole a loaf of bread along with other food items!”
    “The food around here is overpriced,” replied the woman calmly.
    “What about the Witch? She has been seen casting spells on people around the city!”
    “Have the ‘cursed’ people ever reported bad things happening to them, death?”
    “The Liar, yes the Liar! What do you say about him? He lied in front of three guards!”
    The woman sighed, but the retorted, “What did the Liar lie about? Or did the guards just take him, because you didn’t like him?”
    Elijah’s face was now bright red. He paced over to a table, and poured the bottle of whiskey into his mouth. Most of it landed on the ground or his shirt. He walked back over to the woman, sword drawn, “And that disgraceful Believer! He believes that he will die by my hand, and then return to his father in heaven! And for I will go to Hell to writhe and burn! He told me that his Lord will save him right before my hand touches that lever to his death!”
    The woman touch Elijah’s sword with the tip of her pointer finger to let it fall at Elijah’s side. Then, she turned around, “Well, would you hang me then? I just when against your word…”
    “Guards,” cried Elijah as he watched the woman go around a corner. He then watched as his guards came back shaking their heads.
    “Dead end sir,” reported one as he looked nervously at his fellow comrades, “We don’t know how she could have got away without disappearing into thin air…”
    “We must search for her later! Right now, we must drop the things in my noose to their death!” Elijah then sheathed his sword and made his way back onto the stage. He forced a smile to grow on his face, and it did help that the crowd was cheering for him. “Finally,” he bellowed as he stood beside the lever that would and could drop the people to their death. “These people do not have the right to live!”
    Elijah placed his hand on the lever…

    The assassin did not know what was happening. Why had Elijah Curt gone off the stage for so long? He had heard that Elijah would only get off for a glass of whiskey, but he had been off for more than twenty minutes. This worried the assassin, but then he was reliefed as Elijah got back onto the stage. With unbelievable speed, the assassin made his bow, and drew out his arrows. He then counted the guards, and made out only three. Then, the assassin picked up two arrows and waited. Elijah talked for some time, and then moved over to the lever. He then shouted something, and placed his hand on the lever. The assassin shot two arrows, and then ducked back down knowing he hit his target. He counted down from five, and when he got to zero, he heard the crowd scream. Now, all he needed to do was-
    The assassin could not believe what he saw. Elijah was still breathing!