• :;ow this kinda stings:;
    "Puck? What are you doing!"
    "Nothing Nii-chan!"
    :;crap Nii-chan will notice omg all this blood!;;
    "Puck! Get out here!"
    "In a minute Nii-Chan!"
    "Puck get out here!"
    "Shut the hell up Dai-San!!!"
    "Hold on Nii-san"
    :;damn I cant bandage this up;;
    "Puck I'm coming in!"
    "Nooo Nii-san I-I I am getting dressed!"
    "Puck you have never cared besides we're your brothers!"
    "Dai-san go away!! scream you are not my brother!"
    "Puck please.."
    "Nii-san dont please!"
    but of course my older brothers Dai and Benjiro came in to face me trying to bandage up what was left of my eye and me trying to bandage it up

    "Puck Takara what is going on!!!!" Benjiro my real brother yelled at me and I was at a loss for words. I had no idea how to tell them I had been attacked...and well my eye but all I coul give them was a sand forehead protector showing them that mine was gone and I had stolen anothers...