• The war of the four nations finally over after a hundred years of fighting, Fire lord Zuko, Aang, Toph, and katara the masters benders of fire, earth, air, and water all have gone their separate ways for now. Aang has set out to find more of the air nomads, Zuko to run his nation, katara and sokka to find their mother, that they have recently found to have only been captured by the fire nation, and Toph to prove to her parents to she is not weak or defenseless after they have sent for her to be brought back home.

    Aang flying from temple to temple finding no signs of any one or thing living there, until he reached the eastern temple, he was exploring around when he found a door he had never seen before it had no handles or anything on it. It looked to be impossible to open “How do you think I open it momo?” but momo was to busy chasing a fly. He was looking around when he tripped over a whole in the ground it looked to be a pipe that only went down a few feet or so until turning toward the door. He thought for a moment then remembering how he opened the other door in the northern temple a while ago. He shot a strong gust of air into it, nothing happened for a moment then the gust shot up three more wholes in the middle of an earth insignia he shouted blankly at no one, momo looked up in startle that he thought it strange in the air temples but there were the other nations insignias forming a square all with wholes. He tried to air bend in all of them at the same time, but nothing happened. “Why isn’t anything working.” Aang shouted in annoyance there he stood in the center of them and saw a fountain of water and a small pile of rocks. He started bending the water a little and the idea came to him he started bending each of the elements into their sprat pipes and the door moved a little then opened.

    Behind it he saw the air nomads; they all looked at him in surprise. Every one went silent except for one blind little girl who was clinging to her mother. He exchanged looks with all of them, when their leader an old man that looked about as old a king bumi. He looked at Aang and said “Aang is that really you, you look so young for being a hundred and twelve. Look at you its been so long.” “Monk Hosko is that you” Aang surprisingly answered. ”yes it’s me.” Hosko replied.” Why have you guys been hiding all this time?” Aang asked.” when we heard the fire nation was going to attack us some of us went into hiding while others wanted to fight back. But more importantly where have you been for all these years?” “I ran away because of all the pressure every one was counting on me and I didn’t know what to do. I got caught in a storm then all I remember is wakening up to my friends’ sokka and katara in the southern water tribe. Then when I found out about the war I started out to end it and learn all the elements.” “Sounds like you’ve been busy.” Hosko then announced to the rest of the nomads “I give you the avatar” they looked as if a little flicker of hope twinkled in their eyes, but just continued on with their daily activities. Aang asked Hosko” What is with them they don’t seem to be very excited not to be rude or anything but most everyone else who saw me started to cheer except for one town that hated all the avatars for not being there.” “Well that’s the same with them they aren’t mad for your disappearance but aren’t exactly happy for it either.” replied Hosko.”


    Toph arriving at her parents to discover their house had been robed she felt the vibrations or only three people alive in the house. Two were huddled up in a small closet, she thought to be both her parents, excited they were alive as to the dead guards. The other quickly grabbing everything he could in her mothers’ room. Toph rushed over to attack, she quickly bended the ground to make him fall grabbed back everything he stole he got up “Jet!” she surprisingly added. “What are you doing here?” “I need to make a living too and your parents have all this and don’t even share it with anyone.” “That still doesn’t give you the right to steal from them” she trapped him down in a flash both hands and feet covered and trapped in rock. Guards Toph yelled but no one came they were all gone. She bended herself up on a platform above the house and yelled “GUAREDS! I HAVE A THIEF HERE.” They now all came from behind bushes and trees. They escorted him out. Toph went to her parents guarded buy one of her toughest enemies Shou Lee he was the first person she ever faced in her matches to become the best, but now she was even better. She tried knocking him down with a jet of rock and a whole by his foot but he quickly dodged it shooting rocks at her she almost immediately made a huge thick wall. Then noticing a metal wall bending it around her to form a crude metal suit, she now could easily get close to him and cover him in the metal. He was not as good to bend the metal off he was defeated. Her parents watching the whole thing in an earth box, she bended them out of it they were so happy to see her they both tightly hugged her and couldn’t stop thanking her. “Where have you been, don’t ever scare us like that again, you could have gotten injured you are weak and frail. Go to your room now!” “NO I’m not the weak and frail little blind girl you think. Me and my friend have been traveling the world to help the avatar become a master and defeat the fire lord, and Aang did he took away his bending forever I taught him to earth bend and I helped defeat the fire nation I stopped them from burning the earth Kingdome not to long ago. I am the ultimate earth bender I can even bend metal now.” “You are still frail and defenseless” “you guys just don’t get it do you I’m not weak” as she stomped her foot and destroyed half their house then stomping her other foot causing a massive avalanche on a near by mountain. Her parents just looked in surprise as she threw a tantrum destroying half the town. She then ran away crying. Her parents following saying “we get it now you aren’t defenseless you can take care of yourself now we were always afraid to let you go.” You do?” Toph replied surprised.
    Katara and Sokka had immediately went to Zuko knowing he would know where they kept the prisoners from the southern water tribe. “The desert prison all water tribe prisoners go there they only had one escape ever.” “Hama” katara said disgusted.” we ran into her she used the water on peoples bodes to make them do what she wanted she forced me to use it too” she started to tear up, well I was about to send for their release and bringing home today. Why don’t you guys tell them? Here is the message in righting.”

    Katara and Sokka immediately set out for the prison. When they got there at night katara could feel the dryness there wasn’t even water in the air she felt defenseless. As they got to the entrance, a peek whole opened and said” why are you here?” “We are here on the orders of fire lord Zuko for the release of the prisoners.” The guard opened the door. “Here we have the orders in righting” Sokka gave him the scroll “well then we are not releasing these prisoners I don’t care what lord Zuko says the war should not be over at all we are not releasing these prisoners” “GET THEM !” he yelled “katara Sokka?” some one yelled “Mom” they excitedly said dodging fire blasts “ is it you” ‘yes it is” katara saw one guard had a glass of water and shot frozen missiles at them getting slightly injured and missing the other. Sokka jabbing his sward in guard after guard that came, Katara realizing the full moon decided to use blood bending to quickly get this over and get to her mother. With one swipe she had them agents a wall she took the water from all but one the general guard. He was whimpering in fear “Not one of you blood benders again we barley escaped the other” “You were Hamas guard?” “Yes we were she was the most powerful bender weave ever seen until you” “I will let you go for now but don’t ever let me see you again” she let him go. Then they quickly ran to their mother slicing the bars on her sell and al the others setting them free. “I cant believe you came for me, how did you know I was alive I had every one tell you I was dead so you wouldn’t worry about me.” They all were hugging tightly “we over heard on of your guards talking about how you stood up to them” “I can’t believe you would come for me and you ran into Hama she taught you her ways that evil witch. She wouldn’t let any one else free and told them to learn for themselves.” “Yes I never wanted to learn but she took over Aang and Sokka to make them attack me I had to use it agents her” “but why did you just use it?” “I was so excited to see you I kind of wanted to get them out of the way” “The guards were right about you, you really have become a master. I also over heard them talking about Azula escaping from her prison and trying to regain power and restart the war.” “We have to stop her; let’s go warn Zuko and get Aang and Toph.”

    They set out to get them as fast as they could. When they got to the palace Aang and Toph were already there along with Azula. “We heard” Aang ant Toph said together “o really” Azula said and attacked with a whip and blasts of fire. Toph put up a defensive wall practically before Azula shot the blasts. Aang ran from behind the wall pushing her back a few steps then as she shot a bolt of lightning at him he shot it back at her along with a fire blast. She dodged them both Katara running from behind pined her agents the wall in ice. She quickly got out of it but just as fast Toph tried to drop her in a crack but she flew up on a jet of fire and flew around them on the ground Aang hitting her off with a jet of rock and pining her down by closing her hands and feet in rock all of them standing around her ready to attack. “Where’s Zuko?” Aang angrily asked. “Brother is in the prison hold with all his other loyal guards.” Azula replied. “You stay here Toph and watch her.” Aang told her. Then Aang, Katara, Sokka, and their mother went down to the hold to find Zuko already escaped. “You think I needed to be rescued?” Zuko said then they went back to Azula still in her pin. “You’ve caused enough trouble already” Aang said. He walked toward her putting her in a kneeling position he was going to take away her bending too. His hands on her head, his eyes glowing blue, Azulas glowing red- orange then their whole bodies turned blue and red orange Azulas red orange covering him slowly then the blue overcame the both of them. Azulas bending was gone. “you’ll never hurt anyone again with you bending” Aang said as everyone else watched amazed. “What?” she said in shock. Then she tried to shoot a fire blast at him but nothing happened. The world was now in peace for no one to disturb it again.
    Where’s mother Zuko asked to his father through the bars of his sell. “I’ll never tell you” Ozi replied. Zuko shot fire onto his left eye much as he had done to him before. “She is in our summer house with her sisters.” Zuko just walked away his uncle buy his side. They got to the summer home rang the door bell and “mom” Zuko said “yes” she replied.

    OR IS IT??????? question exclaim question exclaim question exclaim question