• “Come on Misha!” Misha’s twin sister, Sasha yelled pulling Misha in the other direction she was heading.
    “We can’t miss seeing the night class go off towards their classes,” Sasha added.
    “Sash, you know I don’t like them,” Misha sighed, “Let me go.”
    “No,” Sasha smirked pulling Misha even harder towards the now opening gates of the night class.
    “There coming out!” Sasha yelled letting go of Misha and running off to see the night class go off towards their classes. Misha just sighed and went to sit in her usual shady spot to read her manga book that she was carrying at the time.
    To Misha, this was an everyday routine: Sasha would drag her down to see the night class and she’d just sneak off under a tree to read a manga book or just watch the girls obsess over the night class like the star-crossed freaks they are. Don’t get Misha wrong, she too secretly liked one of the night class members, she just didn’t show it. His name is Takuma Ichijo. He has longish, dirty blonde hair and cool green eyes. He also always has a smile on his face and always says hello to others in this really cheerful tone.
    “Hey Misha, what are you doing here?” a female voice asked, cutting Misha from her train of thoughts.
    “Don’t worry Yuki, I won’t cause any trouble,” Misha said trying to stay focused on the book she was reading.
    “But,” Misha added, “How can you tell that I’m Misha and not Sasha?”
    “That’s easy,” Yuki proclaimed, “You always wear blue ribbons and Sasha wears pink. All the other girls are too naïve to figure that out.”
    “Oh, ok, than I guess I’ll be taking my leave,” Misha announced getting up from her sitting position.
    “Bye, Yuki, see you tomorrow in class,” Misha added waving goodbye and than turning on her heel towards the day class dorms.
    “You’re kinda naïve yourself, Yuki,” Misha thought to herself once she was out of sight from Yuki, and Zero who happened to walk over to Yuki once Misha stated off towards the day class dorms. Misha than started walking a different direction away from the day class dorms towards her favorite spot that was on the peak of a cliff. Once there, Misha climbed up one of the trees and sat on one of the branches and looked out to the most perfect view: she was able to see the night class dorms, the day class dorms, the school, the headmaster’s office, the lake, and part of the town that wasn’t far from the school.
    Misha squirmed a little on the tree branch she was sitting on and fell asleep once she found a comfortable position.


    “It’s not a good idea to fall asleep in trees you know,” Misha later heard a voice say below her. Misha jerked her eyes open, almost falling out of the tree. When Misha looked below her too see who disturbed her sleeping, she couldn’t help but to blush.
    “Ta-Takuma-san,” Misha blushed a deep shade of red when she saw her crush standing there with his normal cheerful smile.
    “Oh, um, I’m… I’m sorry. I-I’ll be down in a sec,” Misha managed to choke out. After a few seconds, Misha was standing on the ground about to leave, but her gaze was than drawn to the books tucked under his arm.
    Under his arm were three of the latest manga volumes: Bleach, Tsubasa, and YuYu Hakusho.
    “Oh my gosh! I didn’t know the next YuYu Hakusho book was out!” Misha said before she could stop herself, “Where’d you get it?”
    Ichijo gave a short laugh and smiled sweetly towards Misha.
    “I have my sources,” Ichijo replied, smiling.
    “Would you like to read it with me?” Ichijo asked after a short silence.
    “I would love too, Takuma-san,” Misha replied back, blushing.
    “You can call me Ichijo,” Ichijo said sitting at the root of the tree, “and what’s your name?”
    “Oh, ok than Ichijo-kun,” Misha said turning a deeper red as she sat next too Ichijo, “and my name is Misha.”
    Ichijo than moved closer to Misha, causing her to turn an even deeper shade of red. Ichijo opened the book to the first page and held it out a little so Misha could read it too.
    “Are you done with this page?” Ichijo asked after a few minutes.
    “Oh… um… yes,” Misha replied. Misha actually had no idea what she just read. It must have been something about the Dark Tournament because Yusuke was fighting Toguro and Hiei was there too.
    “Um… Misha, do you have any idea what’s going on? Because I definitely don’t,” Ichijo chuckled a little.
    “I have no idea,” Misha replied, letting out a small giggle.
    “Well instead would you like to borrow it?” Ichijo asked handing Misha the book.
    Misha’s eyes lit up
    “Can I really?”
    “Sure just give it back tomorrow when I go to class,” Ichijo replied, smiling.
    Misha blushed a little taking the book from Ichijo’s grasp, but than was drawn to his smile… his teeth… they were pointed… like a… vampires. He must have seen the look of alarm on her face because he looked at her in surprise.
    “Is something wrong, Misha?”
    “You… you’re… a… va… vampire,” Misha managed to stammer.
    Ichijo just gave a short sigh and managed to whisper a yes just audible enough for Misha to hear.
    “You’re not afraid are you?” Ichijo asked looking at Misha straight in the eyes.
    “Of Vampires? Well duh, who wouldn’t?” Misha snapped.
    Before Misha knew, Ichijo sighed and looked away with hurt in his eyes. Misha knew that expression that was plastered on Ichijo’s face… self-loathing. She has seen it on many people before: Zero, her best friend Kotoko, on her sister Sasha, and now on Ichijo.
    “Are you afraid of me?” Ichijo asked so softly that Misha almost couldn’t hear.
    Misha hated seeing Ichijo like this, with this sad expression on him. Vampire or not, Misha couldn’t stand it.
    “No,” Misha replied smiling towards Ichijo.
    “That’s good,” Ichijo replied, hugging Misha tightly.
    The piercing shriek of a whistle caused them both to jump.
    “Hey! You know better, Ichijo!” Yuki yelled running over to them, “What if Kaname found out?”
    “Relax Yuki we weren’t doing anything except reading manga together. It was all my idea, so if you give Misha any punishment I’ll sic Aido on you,” Ichijo smirked, while walking in front of Misha so Yuki couldn’t get to her.
    “You wouldn’t dare,” Yuki defensively said pulling out her Artemis Rod.
    “Now, now not in front of Misha-chan,” Ichijo said stepping a few steps back to protect Misha a little better.
    “Shouldn’t you be in class?” Zero snapped just as he arrived.
    “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Ichijo smirked.
    Zero growled as he pulled out his Bloody Rose Gun holding it towards Ichijo, “Don’t test my patience, Takuma.”
    “Kiryu please put your Bloody Rose Gun away. That is far too dangerous to us vampires,” Kaname, the president of the night class, said just as he entered.
    Zero and Kaname glared at each other and, reluctantly, Zero put his gun away as Yuki put her Artemis Rod away.
    “And as it goes for you, Ichijo,” Kaname paused before continuing, “I’m sorry.”
    “Yes, Kaname-sama,” Ichijo sighed with so much hurt in his eyes, “I’m sorry Misha-chan. I have to erase your memory. You won’t remember anything that happened tonight. I enjoyed our chat.”
    That was the last thing that happened before Misha blacked out.


    A Sharp screech filled Misha’s ears the next morning.
    “Ouch,” Misha mumbled reaching for her alarm to turn it off. Misha got up and did her morning routine of getting ready. Until a book on her dresser caught her attention.
    “What’s this?” Misha asked herself, “YuYu Hakusho? How’d I get this?”
    Misha opened the book to have a piece of paper fall out. Misha leaned down and picked up the piece of paper and read it to herself:
    Return this when you can.

    “How did Ichijo know I needed to read this book?” Misha thought to herself.
    Just than a flashback of last night came to her.
    Misha laughed to herself, “That can’t be possible. After all vampires don’t exist, right?”