• A ghost in a mansion.

    "Welcome", a guy says "to our home hope you like what you see",.
    "yep I'm liking this a quit bit",.
    "how much for it", Tod says.
    "only 1 thousand and it's yours", the guy said.
    "why only a thousa", Tod tried to say but was interrupted.
    "don't ask questions", says the guy "do you want the house or not".
    "I do, i do, i must certainly do".
    "okay then Tod give me a thousand and it's yours".
    Tod has no idea what he got himself into that day.
    He started moving his stuff in the day, oddly he see's a red stain by the hall closet.
    He tried to scrub tries to scrub it out when his stuff is all unpacked.
    But, he failed to so he put a rug over it.
    He slept in his new house that day.
    As he was sleeping he heard little pitter patteres noises and a child screaming down the hall way.
    So he checks down in the hall and he see's a little child running into the closet.
    He did some research on what is the background of the house and he found out that...
    A father chased his child down the halls and killed her in the closet.