• David sat quietly in the bushes of the park. He saw the woman cross the street, her arms full with two bags of groceries. She was one of the few that still could get groceries. He watched her slowly approach. He clenched the pipe tightly in his hand. He would try not to look at her while it was happening. Try not to think of the pain she would go through, of the family that wouldn't see her again.
    A man approached her from behind. He wrapped a hand around her mouth and brought a knife swiftly into her throat. He ripped it out and stabbed her twice in the chest, bringing gulches of blood with each stroke of the knife. The woman was dead before her groceries hit the ground. The man scooped up the groceries and headed David's way.
    David sighed, he wished it had been the girl. It would have been a lot easier. The man was in reach now. David dashed from the bushes and brought the pipe across the man's jaw. There was a sickening crack as the man's jaw broke and he spun to the ground, flinging groceries everywhere.
    David brought the pipe down again, this time into the back of the man's head. David beat senslessy long after the man was dead. He picked the groceries and calmly left, not thinking of the mess behind him. For this was the world he lived in. Where what a man had was what he had taken. Where everything owned had someonelse's blood on it. In a world where no man was bound by laws or regulations. Natural Selection. Dog-eat-Dog. Survival of the fittest. Whatever it was called, it didn't matter. It all came down to one thing. Survival. For this was the world now. The world of David Livings.