• One last breath touched there lips there lasst sight was eachother.The left at the same time but there path while alive although ended on earth at the same time there path in the afterlife went seperate ways.His afterlife ended in a pool of hate and lust athough he was forgiven for cheating on his wife There is one person that he is unforgiven by you may know him you may not.God almighty did not forgive him because he never asked for forgivness.
    The woman went to heaven because all her life she was a nurse and helped people and even gave to cherity.She raised two kids and those kids had two wonderfull kids.So she was rewarded and got to her goal in heaven.She said to god why is my love so far away from me.I forgave him I love him i need him like i need water to quench my thirst or food to keep me alive and heathy but god just replied that was his toal his choice two paths he could chese from and he chose the one leading to enteranal fire.She begged and begged and begged him to let him in.Fianlly she said what if I give up myself to be with him.god said why would you do such a thing.Se said you were the one that told me about the two paths and i am chosing the one that will lead me to my love.the lord replied wait dont as he said that she was gone.When she got to hell the devil came and said welcome to hell and stabbed her with a pitchfork and she walked through the lake of fire and found her husband as ugly as could be gave him a kiss on the cheek when she did so his human form came back and there was a big flash of light in the middle of the lake of fire and her wounds were healed his body was back and another bubble of light took them to heaven where all the angels cried when they saw this sight of this all that this has never happend one cried out what will god think.God just said shhhhh let them alone they are at peace now i will allow this i will let this be.Somtimes love is even songer that thee.