• My thoughts were in the middle of running out of this place or to expand my search. All of a sudden, I was swept off my feet by some force. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. A hand, the color of the snow on the ground, was covering my mouth to prevent me from making any vocal noise. The motion under my feet stopped, yet I couldn't seem to see anything.

    It was dark, the snow falling softly on the ground. The only sound was the buzz of the light, ten feet above and away from me. Or what I thought was only me.

    I turned around to see a man about a foot taller than me. I couldn't exactly see his face or his appearance, but his teeth glowed with the light as he smirked. I gasped and tried to run, but he put his arm around my waist before I could run away. I stared into his eyes that were blood red and started to whimper. He put his pale index finger onto my lips and I stopped. I could've continued to whimper, but something told me not to anymore.

    As he moved his finger away from my lips, he said in a deep, secretive tone, "Hush..." His grin widened, making more of his teeth more luminant. As he got closer, I could see more of his features. His hair was shoulder length and black. His face was neat and sharp.

    He got even closer and closer until his pale lips touched mine and we kissed. It was strange. The kiss was comfortable and the strange thing was I didn't even know this person. I slowly put my arms around him and he made the kiss more passionate. He slowly opened his mouth and made his tounge approach mine and played with it. At first I thought this was the best kiss ever.

    All of a sudden, my eyes shot open. I felt a sharp pain on my lips. I started to taste something that was a liquid, but thicker. Was this... blood!? I abruptly stopped the kiss and stepped back. There was no doubt that this person was a vampire.

    I tried once again to run away, but he tackled me on the ground and sinked his fangs into my throat. I screamed, but there was no one there to help me. My scream turned into silence as I almost got knocked out. The vampire then got off of me, turned into his bat, and flew away.

    Silence. The only thing - and last thing - that I heard was the buzzing of the light above me.