• “Naruto wake up your going to be late!” Kushina yelled up the stairs.
    A ten year old Naruto put his pillow over his head. “But it’s too early to get up!” He shouted.
    “To bad get your butt up!” She yelled back at him.
    “But mom!” he whined.
    “Don’t make me come up there!”
    At those words Naruto jumped out of bed and got dressed as quickly as possible. He didn’t want his mother to go up to his room because it was so dirty and his mother would flip out.
    “What’s for breakfast?” He asked walking down stairs while putting his jacket on. “Is it ramen?” He asked a smile flooded his face.
    “No,” His mother said and the smile vanished.
    “But, but.”
    “No,” She said again.
    “Where’s dad?” He asked pouting.
    “My ears are ringing is somebody talking about me?” They heard,
    “Hey dad!” Naruto said; he was happy when his dad was there he always was able to get his mom to let him have ramen for breakfast.
    Of course Naruto had Ramen for breakfast and went on his way to school.
    “Naruto-kun!” He heard his friend Kamica Sarutobi yell, she had been his friend ever since they had met, and the two of them seemed to be inseparable. “So what prank are we going to pull today, paint bucket above the door, hole in front of the school?” She said listing pranks they had done in the past.
    “I don’t know my parents said I shouldn’t be pulling pranks.” He said.
    “SO! Do you think I listen to my dad when he says that?” She shouted at him.
    “Ok then should we go?” He asked holding up a bucket of paint.
    “Ha, I knew you weren’t going soft!” She said as they ran off.
    “WHAT WERE YOU TWO THINKING!?” Both of their fathers yelled at them, after there was paint on the Hokage’s faces.
    “Well I was thinking it would be fun,” Kamica smiled.
    “Um, same here,” Naruto said covering up his real reason. As the lecture continued Kamica softly nudged Naruto in the gut then pointed to the open window, he smiled and the two rushed for it with their fathers trailing right behind them……
    “Naruto-kun wake up!” Naruto heard Kamica yell as she stood above him “You fell asleep again.” She said helping him up. Tears started to fill Naruto’s eyes. “Are you ok Naruto-kun?” She asked.
    “Yeah I’m fine lets go train some more.” He said whipping the tears and forcing a smile.