• Mindy was walking home today,feeling happy,exited... -crash-
    Mindy fell on to the road,full with bruises.
    Jorden had just hit her.
    Jorden was this guy that picked on her in class.
    She sure didn't like it,but that was going WAY to far.
    Mindy rushed to the house,and went inside her room.
    She was devistated.
    fist,Jorden,second her mother,and now a motorcycle can
    cause problems?!
    Mindy was mad,and just wanted to get away from all her problems.
    But Mindy had a sneeky plan.
    She decided to pull a prank on Jorden at his house when
    he was asleep.
    She soon packed up:
    Maple Syrup
    Whip Cream
    Chocolate Milk
    Hot Sauce
    And Boiled Icecream

    Mindy sneeked out of her house,
    and ran to Jordens house,
    not to far away from her house.

    Mindy climbed on to the roof,
    careful on where she was going.

    "Ahh!" Mindy screeched.
    She almost fell off the roof!
    Mindy made it to the roof,
    and opened the basement window.
    She screeped inside-

    Mindy fell on paint.
    "Crud",she said,frustrated.

    She got downstairs.
    Pitch dark.
    She went up Jordens stairs,
    and came inside his room.
    She then got the bucket from his closet,and poured it
    with chocolate milk.
    Then she tied s string from his ceiling,and
    the first prank was set.
    She put whip cream all over his bed,
    and his floor.
    She then poured the Melted Icecream
    on the floor.
    She got the Maple syrup,
    and poured it all over his hair.

    "Heh",Mindy said,whispering.

    She then got the hot sauce,
    and poured it ALL OVER his mouth!

    She ran out of there,and escaped to Jordens balcony,
    which was way up higher from the basement.

    Jorden got up.

    "WHATS THIS!?!?!?!!?" he yelled.


    "Whoa! ",Jorden said,slipping on the melted icecream.
    Guess what happened next?
    He pulled the string,
    and then fell the chocolate milk.

    "MMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNDDDDYYYYY scream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    he yelled,angrily.
    Then slipped again.

    Then he just noticed.
    his mouth was burning.
    he screamed,running to the sink,
    and slipped,once again.

    "OKAY!" she said,then escaped to the base of the roof.
    She sure did a good prank.

    She then went back home,
    happy,and ready to go to sleep.
    But beware...are you next?