• Have you ever caught yourself, in the midst of night, eyes locked with the moon that seemed just out of reach? Undoubtedly, you have. Its graceful elegance is not to be underestimated, with the incredible glow of the ever so numerous amounts of stars visible against the black background. Mesmerizing, to say the least. But be careful not to stare too long, for there lies, deep within the pits of darkness, creatures of sheer hate and, definitely, power. Persistent stories of an endless, mythological war raging on until the end of time; A tale of unfathomably powerful Vampires and Werewolves. Of course, I know what you're thinking, Vampires? Werewolves? Hah! Bunch of old myths, you crazy old cook! Forget to take your medicine, eh? Well, I'd have you know that I, indeed, did take my medicine today! So the joke is all on you, my friend!"

    "If you could have only seen it, I'm sure you'd have a very, very different opinion on the matter. It swooped down with the grace of an Gazelle and enough power to surprise even the bravest of men. Huge dark wings stretched from side to side, casting endless shadows of fear among its carefully picked victims, whom he devoured in such gruesome and terrifying haste and pleasure. A true nightmare!"

    These were the stories that Azur praised most of all, for he too, could relate to the old geezer that spoke of this treacherous story, well, he could have. That is, until a bystander began to speak about all the mythical controversy that came along with every Vampire tale. Of course his name had to be Dracula, and he only drank of gorgeous woman! Why did these, Azur choked at the word, humans.... have to defile everything with their filthy exaggerations? They speak of the wrongs he must commit to feed, but at the same time so easily dismiss their own doings! Garbage! All of them!

    Blood red eyes, filled with rage, fueled by false accusations by all of these blasted humans around him, glared into the old story teller. A wave of calmness fell over the man as his dull old eyes met those of the young Vampire, his vision being blurred by those of pleasure and righteousness. A grin, oh such a cynical grin, tugged at the pale features of our main character. Obviously, he was about to enjoy himself, wreaking havoc and shooting panic into the hearts of these filthy humans always brought him up into a rather good mood.

    But what's this? "Look, his eyes!" screamed a nearby woman, noticing Azur's piercing eyes. He instantly released the old man from his hold and jolted his glare towards the accusing woman. Instantly, the crowd went ablaze with panic, and soon the brave would form a rally against him, and then the fun would begin. With a great stretch, his bold wings darted open to their full length, smashing into frozen onlookers, whom were standing a bit too close to the deadly creature. His great wings flapped once, sending waves of energy bellowing down into the ground in the form of wind; and then another flap, lifting him slightly off the human infested ground.

    As the delight of flight filled his body, he let out a shriek of excitement: let the hunt begin! "Poor souls!" he exclaimed in a rather ecstatic tone. "You will soon join the Un-dead! But only if you beg, on your knees, for mercy!" he cried, while straining himself from breaking out into a hysterically demonic laugh that would have been cut short by a panicked villagers words.

    "Why in the hell would we beg to die?!" cried the poor soul.

    "Because if you don't," spoke the Vampire, awfully calmly. With a gust of wind from a heavy flap of his great wings, he landed before the shaking man. "If you don't," he repeated, his hand darting forward at the man, puncturing chest. The man froze in fear, his eyes locked with the vampire's, unable to look away. Azur grinned at the frozen expression on the mans face, finding a bit of glee within it before continuing. "If you don't, you'll die a horrible," he mumbled in a whisper. "Horrible, horrible death," he finished with a grin. "Example, in case your tiny human brain can't comprehend what I'm telling you," he mocked. "How does it feel to be on the brink of death?" asked the demonic creature, sending the man into a state of panic. His hand squeezed... Released... Squeezed... Released... He moved in such a fluid motion, in such a rhythmic motion, that it might have even been enough to put the man asleep. In due time, it just might, my fellow reader. For in the clutches of Azurs' hand, sat the panicking mans' still beating heart, kept beating by the vampires' firm grasp. "How does it feel to be at the mercy of a Vampire?" he asked with a cynical grin. And then, the vampire stopped his rhythm and the man dropped to the ground, breathless. The demonic creature lets' the lifeless doll drop to the ground, enjoying the hard thump of its' contact with the ground a bit too much, and turned back to the old story teller. "Allow me to relieve you of that horrible experience of yours," he grinned as he raised his hand into the air. "You old fool!" he yelled as his hand darted at the mans' head.

    Then suddenly, you dart up in your bed, sweat spilling from your exhausted pores. Your eyes, wide, glance about your bedroom, terrified for your life. Your hands pat across your chest, confirming the fact that it was all just a horrible, horrible nightmare. Even so, you can't keep your heart from pounding up into your throat as you slowly lay back down; traumatized. "By the Gods..." you mutter as you lay in your sweat drenched bed. "What a nightmare..." you mumble, turning slightly to glance out the window, only to see the most disturbing sight in your short life. A horrid creature, flying with more grace then a Gazelle on the plains and with more power then a Bald Eagle. As piercing red eyes meet yours, you quickly spin in your bed and turn your attention to the blank wall that your bed lies against. Soon, the rhythm of your own heart pulls you into sleep, and you slowly drift off into yet another fantasy.