• "man this is boreing"said naruto as he walked alongside kakashi,guy and his squad.they were looking for the roug ninja camp when all of a sudden a smoke bomb is droped.
    "ahhhh i cant see"said naruto.
    "be on your gard"said kakashi.
    "you think its one of the roug ninja,kakashi?"said guy.
    "probably,considering the fact that were close to there hideout"replied kakashi.then a girl comes running after them.she tries to punch kakashi but misses.
    "i got u know"said naruto as he grabed hold of her.
    ~poof~ its was a subsituion!!!
    "wait a min...."said naruto.
    ~smack~ -naruto falls to ground uncounsasly-
    "ha!now who has who!!looks like u little leaf ninja dont know hoe to fight.well id love to stay but iv got my hostage and i dont want to deal with 2 jonien,and 3 genin,see ya!!"
    then the ninja ran away with naruto on her back.
    "go after her!!"said guy on the ground with a bleeding leg
    "guy!?"gasped kakashi
    "dont worry she only cut me up a little"
    "ill stay here u 3 go"said kakashi to tenten,lee,and neji.
    "yes sensie"said lee
    they ran aftr the roung ninja untill she ran to a clearing in the forest.in front of her was a huge pond with a waterfall feeding into it.
    "id love to stay but sadely my little....well your little friend will wake up soon"
    "your not goeing anywhere"said lee chargeing after her.
    she drops naruto and in the blink of an eue she has lee in a headlock.
    ~neji comes up from behind only to be stoped by a barrior of water~
    ~tenten brings out scroll and summons 200 kuie knives ,none get to her~
    "now i want naruto not any of u wimps,he is a demon of power and lord orochimaru wants him"said the ninja with a snicker,she let lee go and grabs naruto.then vanishes out of site into the waterfall.
    "biakugan"said neji"but thats not possable!!!there is nothing but wall behind the water!!
    to be countinued.........................................