• (JACK)
    I watch as she walks across the street back to her house. I can't believe she just kissed me. I think about it for a second.
    "HOLY CRUD! I MADE THE MOVE ON HER" I say out loud without meaning to. I quickly put my hand over my mouth and look around. I'm glad no one heard that! The kiss was so awesome though, she's such a great kisser. That's great! Oh, wait scratch that. It would be great if...I didn't already have a girlfriend. What the heck will I tell Karen now? I could blame it on Samantha...what am I thinking, I really like Sam, and she doesn't even know I have a girlfriend. I just can't stop thinking about the way she looked at me. I now have this wierd feeling that seems to be piercing me in the stomach-a mix of love and friendship and embarrassment and cold-ness (if that is even a word) and betrayal and, well, just plain confusion I guess. The list could go on and on. I walk inside the house and pick up the phone.
    "Hey Kar, can you come over?.....Yup.....No, really, it's very important.....No don't worry-I'm not going to breakup with you. I just wanna talk.....Kay-kay see ya soon, babe." My stomach feel empty-I think I'm nervous (but hopefully it's just hunger!) I stand there thinking for a while. First about the best way to tell Karen, then about me falling into the leaves with Sammy. Ugh, I gotta stop thinking about that! Before I know it, I hear a knock on the door. There is Karen, on the verge of tears.
    "Jack, tell me what's going on...NOW JACK, NOW!" I don't like the way she is raising her voice. I gently grab her hand and pull her outside.
    "Let's talk on the porch." I pull her to the swing and I sit down. Shortly after, she does, too. "You know Samantha that lives across the street? Well by accident, I..." before I could finish, Karen decide to end for me.
    "You made out with her... I knew it!" As she sighs loudly, I'm pretty sure what words are soon to come out of her mouth. "You just couldn't help falling for her!........Well, it's okay, I forgive you." Did she just say what I think she said?
    "Wait, so your not mad?!" I wait for her response.
    "No! She's way prettier and she lives right across the street! How could I possibly be angry?" I think for a second-she's not ugly, she's beautiful.
    "Are you saying you think you look ugly?! NO WAY!" She starts crying and puts her head down. I lift her chin up and look into her eyes. "Your beautiful and sexy and hot! Your smart and confident, cool and crazy! I love you baby, and nothing can come between you and me!" I can't stand it when she cries. I gently wipe her tears with the back of my index finger. Then, I kiss all her orange freckles one by one. I see a small smile start to peak out, so I lay back and pull her onto my lap. She lays her head on my chest. (Which actually makes me feel quite manly!) I start at her thighs and slowly bring my hands up. She giggles in that cute way I love. She flips over on her stomach and whispers...
    "I made out with Mat, but I guess now we're even." She then brings her lips to mine, and gives me the wildest kiss I ever experienced. But I sit up quickly.
    "MAT, AS IN MATHEW, AS IN YOUR STEP-BROTHER????" I see her swallow hard. "how long ago did this happen?"
    "It was like three months ago-and it only happened twice. Calm down! He's the only one besides you, that kid who works at Shop Rite, and the local mail-man's son. That's it. Relax." THREE OTHER PEOPLE! SHE WAS CHEATING ON ME! "Leave and leave now! I never want to see your face again!" She takes a step back and starts to walk down the stone path. As she tries to speak, I call her every insult to a woman I could think of. I had heard some of what she said. And from what I heard, she obviously thought it was okay to be cheating.
    As soon as she drives away, the only thing I can think of, is about Samantha.