• Mariah thought she was in love when she met Donnie Westfield. Donnie was the star quarterback for the Varsity team at Lexinton High,he was the student body president and he was the hottest guy at school.But she knew she didn't have a chance she was the nerd of all her classes and now she was his science partner. She could just imagine his thoughts "all the hot girls and I get nerdy girl" She half expected to get up and curse the teacher for teaming them up. "Everyone get with your partner and start working." the teacher ordered. Donnie walked over and sat next to her. "So smart chick whats our project gonna be about?" Mariah looked at him 'I don't know and my names Mariah" she said. Donnie leaned back in his chair "So you think you can do most of it alone I got more important stuff to do." he said. Mariah knew that was coming. "Sure why not?" she said "I don't have anything better to do." Donnie smiled "Thanks I'll remember this." he said
    Sadly the nxt few weeks Donnie didn't even acknowledege Mariahs existance she knew he would just be there on presentation day and take half the credit, like everyone else. The only person she could ever talk to was her friend Ashlee. She had told Ashlee everything, about the project, her getting teamed up with Donnie, Donnie ignoring her existance ,everything. Ashlee always helped and Mariah really wanted it now. "What should I do to make him pay me back?' Mariah asked "Easy tell him if you make and A+ he has to go out on a date with you." Mariah gasped "Thats wrong!" she said Ashlee breathed hard "Well hes making you do all his working, so you have a right to get him back just as hard." Mariah ran her fingers through her hair "I guess your right" she said. Ashlee patted Mariah on the sholder "Don't worry whats the worst he can do?'
    The next day at school Mariah Brought the project to school and met Donnie outside class. "Hey uhh Maria right?" Donnie greeted her "Its Mariah." Donnie reached for the poster the project was on. Mariah moved it away "I did all the work so if you want the credit you have to make a deal with me"Mariah said. Donnie leaned on the wall behind him "Whats the deal?" Donnie asked. "If we get an A+ you have to go on a date with me." Donnie flipped his blonde hair back. "Fine, IF we get an A+."
    Mariah Left the class with the poster running through the hall to the enterence
    on the poster was a big A+
    That night at 8:30 Donnies red corvet pulled in the drive way Mariah who had been getting ready since she got home ran out and got in the car. "Where you wanna go?" Donnie asked Mariah looked at him he had a menicing look on his face she didn't like it.
    The date when smoothly they went dancing at a club when they were going home he passed up her home "I live back there" she said. The evil look came back "I know" He stopped at a hotel "C'mon" he said. Mariah got out the car and she was getting really dizzy. After a few steps she fell and the last image she remembered was Donnies evil smile.
    Mariah awoke the next day. She could barely move at all she was in a great deal of pain. She turned her head and saw Donnie had left. She looked at the sheets she was laying on to find they were tainted red.tears streamed down her face. She rolled to the edge of the bed and therw up and then she knew what happened and what the result was.

    The End