• He stroked her silky fur. He looked in her eyes as if he was trying to tell her something.I wondered, '' What is this guy doing?'' My dear Muffin was lying down and refused to eat her food. She was becoming skinnier and skinnier day by day. She looked skinny and ill for the past two months so my mum hired a dog whisperer. Tears rolled down to my cheeks as I looked at her. Muffin was everything to me. Muffin was a cute little Maltese puppy who was in a coma for a few weeks.
    As the man stroked her, Muffin started to stand up on her shaky legs .She walked slowly to the man's ankles and started licking them. The man nodded his head as if the puppy was talking to him. I was practically amazed by all this. I wanted to do all that. I wanted to comfort dogs. I wanted to have that gift. Slowly, Muffin walked to her bowl of dog food and sniffed at it. '' Come on, Muff, eat! '' I whispered.
    Then, she started eating little by little. My heart skipped a beat. I cried loudly. I have never been so happy before. Slowly, day by day, my dear Muffin was all fat and chubby. She has always been so happy since that day. As for me, I took a course. And, guess what course it was? Yes, it was a Dog Whisperer course. I have fallen in love with dog whispering since that man came over. And who was my teacher? You guessed it, the man.