• Its after class and everyone is going home, my house is right down the street from the school. First, go to my locker, grab my boots, bag, jacket, and hightail it outta here!
    "Danny, hey Danny!" CRAP, she saw me.
    "oh hey Kimmy, what do you want," i was so close to throwing my fingers around her small breakable neck.
    "well jeeze danny, someone is being a cranky girly," she seemed so excieted, like she just found out that paramore wasn't going to break up, or something along the lines of that.
    "but anyway, so danny, i heard you like dylan!"
    "uh huh, you 'heard' that,"
    "well im asuming"
    "right, well, ill check ya later kimmy"
    "wait! so are you gonna tell me!"
    haha no, i barely even know kimmy, im so alone, everyday. The only person who understands me is Dylan.
    i quickly pulled my striped overshirt on and threw my backpack over my shoulder.
    im starting to jog down the halls, before they get to crouded, im looking down at the floor to make sure i dont step on anyone. then i run face first into something.
    my nose hurts now. whatever i just ran into was warm, and smelt like chocolate axe.
    i put my hands on the thing i was pressed up agaisnt and pull my head back to see dylan looking down, and smiling at me.
    "hey danny!" his eyes are bright blue, almost white. he has pale skin and dark blonde hair. He could be passed as a punk, considering his clothing and aditude.
    "uhh, hey dylan, i umm" what am i doing?!
    why am i talking to him? he probably heard that i like him! or at least that's what kimmy said, but i never said it wasnt true.
    "wanna walk home today dan?"
    "dylan, ive told you, its danny"
    "yeah yeah yeah," the corners of his mouth curl up into a small smile.
    "but anyways, let's walk home together"
    "uhh...yeah, i dont know dylan" what i wouldnt give to walk home with him.
    dylan is my night in shinning armor. and i hope he thinks of me as his little punk princess. im not your average blonde cheerleader. hell no if im a prep. i love listeing to paramore, and i dont own anything pink.
    my hair is long and black, and my bangs hang halfway in my eyes, just enough to wear you can barely see my eyes but i can still see everything and everyone.
    dylan's smile is still on his face, and his eyes light up a little, and he grabs my arm lightly, he tells me " we're walking home together, got it?"
    "alright, sheesh" i smack his hand away, but not hard.
    "ok then come to my locker with me danny!"
    we go to his locker, and as i look around me, concerning eyes stare at us.
    i look over to lockers near us, and i see sabrina staring daggers at me.
    everyone knows that sabrina has a huge crush on dylan. and anyways, its been almost a half an hour i start tapping on dylans head,
    "c'mon dylan! hurry up"
    "alright alright! jeeze..." he shuts his locker, and checks the dial to make sure its locked. Holy wow he takes forever, but im not complaining, everyone else has already left including sabrina.
    "ok thats it your taking to long!" i grab dylan by the arm and start for the door. and then he stops dead in his tracks, and turn around, and he's looking down at the ground.
    his shaggy hair is covering his eyes, so he looks mysterious.
    i let go of him, and his arm drops like a rock at his side.
    i go up to him, and stand underneath him, he's a good foot taller than me, so its not hard to be overlooked. but i look up at him and he looks so dead. his eyes are cold, and his face was paler than usual.
    he finally notices that im staring at him with a concerened look.
    he picks his head " uh, so, lets get going then"
    he tries to walk by me when i grab his sleeve and pull him to my side.
    "whats the matter,"
    he looks over his shoulder and stares into my eyes, he yanks my hand away and starts walking to the door leading to the outside of the school. he stops at the door and turns around " nothing, i promise, lets get going its getting dark"
    "come on, i practically live in the dark," i smile at him and his mouth drops open
    my smile turns into a confused twist.
    "ive never seen you smile before!"
    "oh shut up and go" i turn him around so he's facing the door and i start pushing him outside and we finally start walking home, he lives a few blocks away from my house.
    so we walk home almost everyday
    sometimes i like to walk by myself. we get to Ruth park and decide to take a pitstop. he head over to the big willow tree on the hill side, and lay down to look at the stars.
    "woah, danny, look its the big dipper!"
    "oh yeah, ha look at that, it is the big dipper"
    "im suprised we could see any stars at all, hey danny,"
    "your a very mysterious girl, you know that right?"
    "of course"
    we both start laughing and i try to stand up so i can walk around a bit, but dylan stays on the grass, just looking at me, like he's testing me on what i might do next, i just smile at him and start walking around the willow tree and then i hit my foot on one of the roots and fall onto dylan
    you coud hear dylan "OOF!"
    "oh wow, im sorry dylan..." my head landed right by his neck, and im laying on top of him. My hands pressed against his chest, im trying to get up. and when i try to find support for my hands so i can get up, i feel him put his hands on my back, and he pulls me in close to him.
    what on earth is he doing!
    "uhh...what are you doing..."
    "i just want to get close to you..."
    he what?!
    why, oh crap! he heard that i like him! i cant breathe, i cant think, it feels like we're the only two people alive on this planet.
    he presses his hands deeper onto my back, he is so warm, and i can feel his heart beating.
    i put my hands up to his chest and rest my head on his neck. i know that im blushing, my face is so hot, then finally he losenes his grip on me, and i can move again, i sit up and fall to his side on the grass then he sits up and looks down at me, i cant do anything except but to look at his calm face, his hair is covering his eyes, but ican tell he's got a certain look.
    then leans over and puts one hand on the grass by my shoulder, and he put his other hand by my other shoulder, then he relaxed onto his elbows, and now he's so close to my face i can feel his breath, the support in his arms thats keeping him up is weakening, and then our lips gentenaly lock together,
    he moves his hands up to my head, tangling his fingers in my hair. and i put my arms on his back pulling myself closer to him,
    he stops what we were doing, and closes his eyes, and lays his head by my neck.
    no, i dont want it to stop! please dont stop!
    im so in love with this person, and now im convinced he feels the same way about me.
    i dont what this to stop i put my hands on the grass and sit up, and he has no choice but to sit up with me. i put my hands on the back of his head and i lean in to softly kiss him one more time.
    he puts his hands around my waist and starts to gently pull me closer to him, then he starts pulling me as close as he could to him.
    i push away from him and he holds me, its cold at the park, and i lost track of the time. but i press agaisnt his chest as much as i could and i whisper
    "what am i to you..."
    he gently takes hold of my face and he looks deep into my eyes, and he says "your everything to me..."
    im so happy, my vision gets blurry and i realise im crying. something no one has ever seen before. but im smiling, so im shedding tears of joy.
    he shows a faint smile and wipes my face with his sleeve.
    i wrap my arms around his neck and i whisper "i love you dylan"
    i feel him breathing deep and he whispers back "im in love with you"