• Narrator: Blood Assasin had managed to escape to a town where he was staying currently

    Blood Assasin-on the phone-:I'm sorry, but iDarkness managed to escape my clutches

    ???: You fail me again Steven I want you to report back to base immediately. I will be sending TruDar and Rantma out to take iDarkness and Ravemaster1432 down.

    Blood Assasin: Yes ma'am, and i thought I made it clear that it's not steven anymre, its Blood assasin

    -phone hangs up-

    Narrator: back with our heroes in wherever we left off at

    Devin: Hey Mike, do you sense something in the air, like something is approaching that you'd never have to face again,something evil.

    Mike:You're getting that too , i think we're sensing some opium power

    Devin: but I thought that all the opium was destroyed,obliterated

    Mike: appearently not if someone is harnessing it nearby


    -words were spelled out in stunning electricity, the words spelled out" TruDarkness always prevails"

    Mike: Thats definitley opium

    Devin: is someone stealing my lines again

    Two voices: You two really dont remember a thing about anything that happened between the war and since you two started this journey.

    Mike:Who are you and why are you here

    -The 2 figures emerged from the shadows-

    TruDar:The name's TruDarkness as you might recall iDarknessif dig deep in that pathetic mind of yours

    Devin: What did you ca-

    Rantma:My name is Rantmaster2341 -sexy voice-you should recall that Ravemaster1432

    Trudar and Rantma:Why are we here you ask? TO OBLITERATE YOU!

    -And with that TruDar and RantMa lunged at iDarkness and Ravemaster1432-