• 6.

    The rest of the day passed quickly, Jay glared in my direction all day when he got the chance, but I simply ignored him. Michael took me to his house that day, no one was home I guess he didn't want me to completly flip so I smiled at him to give him the thanks. We talked for awhile then he sighed,"What's wrong?""Nothing, just now I have to tell you the truth..""You don't have to!""No I do, you'll be in danger alot so you have to understand what's going on. I love you too much to know that you might get hurt."I hug him,"Okay, you need to know I love you too much anyway to leave you after this."He nods and gulps,"Well....you see.....there are families that....well are different from other families and ours is one of those familes, we all have powers and if you marry someone they get a power or powers too, see well me I have strength and speed, James my brother has mind reading and freezes time, my sister she has the ability to fly, Mom fire and Dad ice and tornados. There are other families like us around the world so we're not the only ones but we're the only people in the in Queensland to have them.""Oh, That explains alot, do you have sharp eye coordination and are fast with reflexes?You seem like vampires off the Twilight books!""Yeah we have that but we're not vampires but you can't tell anyone but your friends will know soon because they'll also be in danger and my brother James he has eyes for Jaz."He chuckles I also do too because it's actually suprising because when boys hit on her she'll be really threating and if they perve on her she'll have them in a head lock before you can say hey."Jaz is a tricky one so warn James, but I guess with his mind reading he'll know everything about her once she introduces herself."I chuckled and so does Michael."Oh! The others are going to be here soon, so we have to go now I know your afraid of them, besides you have weeks before your birthday!""Aww don't remind me about it!"When we arrive home I notice someone is waiting on the front porch, it's Zander Shaant, one of my bebo friends and he lives in Scotland. Michael follows me and Zander approaches,"Zander? What are you doing here?"He hugs me,"Hey Chars! Dad got a job here so we had to move..""Aww is your friends still gonna talk to you?"'Yeah probably but we have different time zones that's the sucky part!""Oh yeah!Oh Zander this is-""Micheal.""Zander""Hey! how do you know each other? Does this have something to do with your secret?""Yeah...well I saw you with Michael and Dad got his new job here so it was perfect to come and see you and know me a bit better than before.""Oh this explains alot and I'm guessing you can read the future?""That's right!""But how do you know Michael?"Michael starts,"We crossed paths awhile ago, see we can live forever but can die by others, we actually don't have a name for us we just call ourselves the others.""Oh okay, why don't we all come inside and I'm pretty sure Zander will know when my Mom gets home.""..Uh...yeah sure..Lauren won't be back until later shes gone over to Doctor Mattson's."What's she going to do?""Just sort things out with him, it looks like they're going to be friends after all.""Mom's confusing this is the first guy she forgave!""Yeah well girls are hard to figure out."Michael was looking in the sky annoyed,"What?"Nothing.""Zander can you wait inside?""...Yeah okay..."We walk over to the path way,"What?""It's just me and Zander aren't quite friends and a stab of jealousy, you know boys hormones or what ever...""Michael, I love you and besides I've known Zander longer, and we've stayed friends that long it's not going to change.""Promise?"I kiss him,"I promise with all my heart."I grab his hand,"Come on, let's go inside and talk, don't you want to organise my birthday?""Yeah, looking forward to meeting my parents?Eh?"I groaned,"Aww don't worry, they're not the judging type, they're very welcome.""When can I meet James?""So eager to get Jaz and James hooked up?Eh?"We start laughing,"What's so funny guys?"I struggle to say the words,"We're...just...laughing...about James....and his....little...crush...on-"I crack up laughing so Michael controlled himself to finish what I was saying,"James has a crush on her friend, and we can't wait to see what Jaz has to say when she sees James looking at her every two seconds."He cracked up laughing again, Zander had a smile on his face shaking his head,"I can't wait to see what will go on with James and his mind reading. Do you guys want to go inside?"I look at Michael and he's looking at me, so I take his hand,"Sure!"We walk inside silently,"So?What do you guys want to do?""What about James and Jaz come over and intoduce them properly?""Sure! Uh Zander, can you keep an eye and make sure Jaz doesn't or is about to say something stupid same with James?""Sure!"He grins. Everyrthing works out perfectly both agreed to come, but got James to come eariler to sort things out, it was a bit awkward because James didn't like Zander either, "Whats he doing here?""Zander's my friend he moved here and yes I know he's different as well.""Okay...sorry Tez, didn't know exsactly what was going on even with my...oh! So I get to meet Jasmine offically?""Yeah, but don't call her Jasmine she'll crack it with you.""Yeah I'll read her mind to see what secrets are hiding in her mind,"James laughs evilly. Michael hits him lightly,"Don't! When she knows our secret she'll absolutly kill you! Not that it wouldn't be funny."We talked for a while then Zander froze,"What's wrong Zander?"It was silent for a minute, then he opened his mind,"Two things, I'll tell you-""Eww!""What?""Let Zander tell you."James looked creeped out,"Anyway I was saying, I'm going to tell you the non gross infomation first, Jaz will come in twenty minutes and.......""And?""Your Mom.....looks like shes....how do I say it?....sleeping over at Nick's house...""WHAT?""It looks like they solved their problems and that's why Nick invited Lauren over to tell her that he broke up with that other lady."I don't know what happened but I was confused, suddenly everything went black.
    It went light again but dim first and blurry,"Vans are you okay?"I blinked,"...Um...yeah, got a bit confused, is Jaz here? How long have I been out?""No she'll be here in a few minutes and only five minutes..."Zander seemed annoyed, he knew I was going to ask,"Can I speak with you upstairs?"Michael helps me up, "Okay"I look at the other two,"If you eavesdrop, I will physically kill you.""I'll know as well,"Zander looked a bit smug. When we arrive to my room he sits at my desk chair and I sit on my bed,"So? What's bothering you?""I'm suprised your with Michael, how did you meet?""He saw me riding my motor bike and he dobbed on me,"I frown the smile,"Well that kind of made sense, so you saw him more after that, I'm guessing that's when I saw you?""Yeah probably. You haven't seen me when I was upset after Jay did you?""No, but I saw him hurting you and I reckon he has a pretty bad temper so as well as Michael and James you've got me! I know he has a temper and he's definitly different to others but I'm not sure if he's one of us,"He frowns"Also I'm worried about you! Your one of my good friends, I'm not going to let you die, there's something about Jay I don't get."I frown,"Why would Jay be different, he didn't tell me anything. But there was some weird feeling when I was around him, like he could shield stuff...but still there's no way he is different besides he would be really strong wouldn't he?""Yeah your prbably right but I'm still going to watch carefully in case he plans anything."I hug him,"Sometimes you feel like a big brother to me,"I say into his chest, smiling and still hugging him. I pull away and we go down stairs, Jasmine has just got out of her car,"Remember the plan guys?""Yep!"James whispers excitedly."Hey Jaz! This is James," I gesture to him,"Hey!""And this is Zander," I gesture to Zander. She smiles at Zander and I speak in my head because I know James will here me.
    James! Let's speak about this in the kitchen? I know Zander doesn't like Jaz and you know that as well so tell Zander we'll speak with him in the kitchen, but I'm pretty sure he already knows.
    "Hey Zander and Michael can you help me with dinner?""Sure!""Sure!"They both say it fast and walk into the kitchen we close the door behind me,"It looks like Jaz has a crush on you Zandz, what are we going to do? James will get angry and I'm pretty sure your not into her anyway?""Yeah, she's not my type seriously I'd go for someone like you-"Michael growls,"-But! Your taken and I just think of you as a friend! Sorry if you got the wrong idea Michael!"James and Jaz were talking, it seemed they had alot in common but I wasn't sure because James might have made half of it up, there was alot of awkward silences until James brought something up, but Jaz seemed to have really no interest in James I felt sorry for him,"I feel sorry for James it's not fair for him, maybe he thinks Jaz isn't as good as he thought she was...""Yeah maybe but I don't know exactly, he's really trying."Dinner is really weird, Jaz speaks to Zander alot and James has alot of dissapointment on his face. As soon as he finishes dinner he stalks out into the kitchen, me and Michael look at each other then follow him, Zander comes too,"Sorry man seriously, I really want to ignore her please dude I don't want you to be angry at me!""I'M NOT!Okay! Can she just leave so I can go?'"Yeah sure, someone call my house."Michael rings my phone and I answer it pretending it's my Mom,"Oh hey! Oh sure yeah Jaz was about to leave anyway. Okay bye!" I walk into the room,"Hey Jaz? Mom's going to be home soon and she asked me for everyone to leave so you kinda have to go....bye!""...Sure," Jaz walks to the door,"Okay I'll see you at school?""Yeah sure Jaz where else would I be going?"As she walks to the door and gets in her car I shut the door,"Okay guys come out she's gone. Hey Zander it might be better if you go now I'm going to send the others home after you.""Oh okay..."Zander walks and gives me a hug,"I'll see you tomorrow then." Zander walks to his silver MercedesJames and Michael come out as well,"Michael I'm going to see you at home."James walks out the door and into his own ruby red Volvo."Michael? Can you stay awhile?""Yeah, I'll stay the whole night, I have spare clothes and stuff in my boot so I guess. Your Mom won't be here tonight so I guess my parents won't mind."I hug him, not pulling away I say,"Thankyou"He kisses my head,"No problem.""You know I wonder why Jay got really....scary, he isn't normally like that or not that I've noticed." He pulls away and leads me to the couch,"If there's something wrong about him I'll make sure he doesn't get to you! I promise!"I sigh,"I do believe you, just don't get hurt okay?"He smiles,"I promise to make sure I don't get hurt but there isn't really a way to kill or hurt us unless they're like us....""I know I still want you to be careful.""I said I will, your tired, I'm tired come on I'll take you to bed, go wait upstairs I'm going to go get my things."I get up and walk to my room, I start to walk to my wardrobe when I see Jay staring across my room,"What?How did you get in my room?"He smiles,"Why are you in my room Jay?"Michael and Zander breeze though the door in that second. Jay then answers,"I'm surprised he-"directing his head towards Michael,"- didn't figure it out already. And you the fortune teller I knew you would come sooner or later but I'm surprised you didn't come earlier but I guess because I haven't used my powers in years that you wouldn't know anything about me.
    "Just like you, Michael we have both fallen for this girl, human girl and you-"Stiffly nodding in Zander's direction"-me and him know you have fallen for her as well but what can I do about it? Oh that's right, kill you and her of course-""Hang on?What is so special about me?"Michael and Zander glare at Jay, then Michael nods,"Charlotte...your special because....when you get your powers no one can kill you, you'll be the strongest other anyone has ever seen. Your the Ta-riot."