• Chapter 5
    Shifting winds

    My trials had only begun and the year was already off to an interesting start. As for my friends . . . only more surprises lay waiting for us.

    A scream of agony came from the nurses’ office at the school. Lying huddled in a corner was Hero, whimpering at the sight of the needle and cleaning alcohol.

    “You rush off without thinking, taking the law into your own hands, survived a gunshot to the leg, poorly bandaging it up even. You’ve got to pay for your actions, now let’s get that wound cleaned and bandaged properly.” She said inching toward Hero.

    “I hate needles!!” shouted Hero overpowered.

    He came limping into homeroom sniffling from the suffering he went through. Quickly his classmates swarmed him, being asked twenty questions by each. He guessed that the attempted robbery was reported on the television or news spreads really fast.

    “Now, now students let him be, just be glad that he could join us today,” Smiled Miss Hikari motioning to seat the class. “Not only will Hero be joining us today, but we have a new student relocating from Ahrus, Denmark in Europe. His family moved from there to Wakkanai, transferring here to Kagoshima for their company now operating here. Please welcome Seirgei Hiikoyashi to Otsuri Takai High School.” She smiled looking toward the doors entrance into the classroom. As the classroom door opened, an ice chilling breeze came across all the students.

    “What the hell? I never noticed him before I came in here.” Hero said as a youth strides in wearing a long trench coat styled to the schools blazer uniforms. His hair reaching down to his shoulder blades and partially covering his left eye, He looked at hero observantly.

    ‘So this is the one Trigger was talking about. Hm, he’s nothin’ but a little pup. What’s so special about him?’ He thought bowing to the class and to Miss Hikari.

    ‘Ohh, I feel the tension! This one has power. I know it!’ Miss Hikari squealed in her thoughts.

    “Thank-you Miss Hikari for accepting me into your class,” Seirgei grinned. “May I take a seat?” He asked.

    “Certainly Hiikoyashi, sit in any seat available.” Miss Hikari waved towards the desks in the classroom. He traveled up a row sitting at the back of the classroom, behind a female looking out the window twiddling with her pencil.

    “Yume,” Miss Hikari shouted.

    “Huh?” responded the girl in front of Seirgei, looking towards the front of the class now.

    “Would you mind rejoining my class and welcome our new student as well?” She questioned her.

    “Yes Miss Hikari, I apologize. I was just thinking to myself,” she replied, then turned around to Seirgei. “Welcome to Miss Hikaris’ Twenty C homeroom class,” she smiled at him.

    “Thank-you Yume, I look forward to getting to know you and your friends better,” he grinned once again, cupping his hands in front of his face.

    “Let’s begin today’s review lesson on career goals and investment opportunities.” Miss Hikari spoke turning to the board, writing down notes.

    “I new element has been added to the mix,” she thought. Two and a half-hours through the class Hero looked up at the clock taking notice that it was about to ring for lunch. He packed his books up and raised his hand.

    “The lunch bell is about to go Miss Hikari,” Shouted Seirgei from the back of the room.

    “Oh my, Class pack up and your homework is to read through chapters four to seven and answer the following questions with them.” She informed all the students as the bell rang, it was lunchtime finally.

    There’s was something different about this lunch period this time . . . He didn’t get attacked by Wolf today nor was he pounced by Sera. The only thing he noticed was the Seirgei was stalked by a horde of females back and forth across the schools campus. He took a chunk out of his sandwich.

    “Ever since that Seirgei kid came to our school . . . He’s grabbed the attention of all the ladies. When I first arrived, I didn’t get that kind of attention.” He grumbled, taking another bite out of his sandwich.

    “Not all of us he didn’t” a voice of the female gender spoke on his right side. He turned to see three lovely ladies watching the others swoon over Seirgei.

    “He’s a strange one alright, I wonder why he decided to side behind me?” Yume questioned in aggravation.

    “Clearly he’s got the hotts for you Yume, ha, ha, ha,” Teased Acqua, shoving her nose into one of her favorite novels,

    “He’s not my type, Hero on the other hand . . .” Yume spoke while pulling off an angered blush

    “. . . He’s taken by me!” Acqua cut off Yume, wrapping an arm around Hero. She stuck her tongue out at her.

    “Girls I’m flattered,” he blushed, “but we’re getting off topic,” stating an obvious fact.

    “Humph!” Yume pouted.

    “What’s your opinion Airisu?” Hero asked with hope of a decent answer. She pondered while observing Seirgei.

    “He’s no ordinary human, most likely not even human at all. That’s for certain,” Airisu answered.

    “I’d agree! No one can be human and look that good,” commented Acqua.

    “Acqua,” Shouted Hero.

    “Ha, ha, ha, what, He’s got the physique and posture.” She laughed.

    “Agreed,” Both Yume and Airisu spoke.

    “I gi-” Sighed hero as he was cut off by an abnormally large dust tornado forming just around Seirgei. The ladies stalking him backed away as more dust kicked up.

    “I can barley see anything,” coughed Hero covering his face. The dust clamed down and Seirgei was nowhere in sight.

    “Definitely not human . . .” All three spoke.

    End chapter 5
    Shifting Winds

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