• Shikamaru picked up the sheet Kakuzu had been wearing and ripped it in several pieces with his kunai. He handed a couple pieces to his son. "Spread these around, it'll confuse the dogs," Shikamaru explained before they both disappeared in thin air.

    Haru hopped over the buildings dropping a cloth here and there. He wondered what his mother was thinking right now about Mitsuko. Surely everything will turn out alright, after all, Mitsuko was the light to their family. He couldn't believe his little sister would have comitted crimes knowingly. That's not like Mitsuko. It was all Hidan's fault. She was in love with him and tended to his every whim. Haru gazed out over the forest that surrounded Konoha. One day, he would kill Hidan as his father had done and this time, no unlucky, innocent girl will dig him up.

    "Doing alright back there?" Hidan asked Mitsuko as he leaped near Kakuzu. She looked at him, her face pale, and nodded. Lie.

    He grinned, showing off his pearly white teeth as he jumped. "Hey, Kakuzu. How long will it take until we enter another country?"

    Kakuzu gazed at him out of the corner of his eye. "A couple hours," he replied.

    "Aww, man!" Hidan whined, "I'm going to be hurting when we finally reach another country."

    "Stop complaining or we can trade cargo," Kakuzu growled. Hidan frowned.

    "It's good to have you back though," he told his former partner.

    "You too," Kakuzu grimaced as he said it.

    "You guys are so gay," Mitsuko said to try to distance herself from Hidan.

    Hidan looked at her crossly but saw that she had quickly passed out. He smirked and gazed forward. It would be hard to prevent Kakuzu from killing her when he gets angry.

    Kakuzu dropped Mitsuko into a U-shaped booth seat and sat down. Hidan followed and looked around. They would attract attention.

    "I say we leave her," Kakuzu whispered staring at Hidan, "I don't know what you're going to do from here on out but I'm not going to babysit."

    "We can't just leave her!" Hidan whispered harshly, "If you want, I can take on the job taking care of her."

    "What if something happens? What if you taste her blood? What then?" Kakuzu asked him.

    "I'll just have to restrain myself, and you will too," Hidan crossed his arms in front of his chest.

    "Me!? Whoever said I was going to be involved in this!?" Kakuzu pointed at himself, "No, it's your problem."

    "What about the money?" Hidan asked, knowing Kakuzu's obsession.

    "Hidan, did you see that guy's house? Even if he had any money, it wouldn't be worth babysitting this brat for who knows how long," he leaned over the table and gazed at Hidan with his angry green eyes.

    "But Kakuzu..." Hidan bit his lip. He needed Kakuzu's help.

    "No, I'm not doing this. Now that I'm alive again and Akatsuki is gone, I'm not your partner anymore!" Kakuzu stood up from the table and started walking towards the door. By this time, everyone was staring and checking bounty posters.

    Suddenly, Mitsuko pulled at Kakuzu's arm as she stood on her knees a few booths away from Hidan. Kakuzu turned and gazed angrily at her but she was not intimidated, she was gazing down at the wooden floors.

    "You can't go. Can't you see that Hidan loves you? He needs you Kakuzu!" she told him.

    "Mitsuko!" Hidan shouted, standing up from the booth and stepping into the aisle. If she was going to pull things like that all the time, it would be nearly impossible to stop Kakuzu from killing her.

    "Get off of me you little brat," Kakuzu hissed.

    Mitsuko shook her head, "You can't walk out on love."

    "Oh, god," Hidan slapped his forehead and rushed forward, taking up Mitsuko in his arms to try to protect her from one of Kakuzu's outbursts.

    "Hidan, maybe you should give her some medical help; she's acting a little disoriented," Kakuzu told him before turning towards the door. "See you in hell, Hidan," he waved.

    "f**k you too, Kakuzu!" Hidan shouted at him as he went through the door. After a minute when Kakuzu left, Hidan noticed all of the people watching him. It reminded him of the day he apologized to the villagers of Konoha. "What the f**k are you looking at?!" he shouted at them before carrying Mitsuko out of the restaurant.