I looked out my bedroom window. I panicked. John's cold red eyes looked into my navy blue eyes. He clenched his fist as if something were in it. I took a deep breath and walked over to the window and opened it up. He climbed in and gave a kiss to my head.
    "Leave, RIGHT NOW." I said to him. He nodded like he was answering a question.
    "Okay, okay, just don't tell anybody i'm giving you this." He opened up his hand and there stood a ruby necklace that spelled "VAMPIRE".

    Chapter One
    As my airplane approached Omaha, Nebraska, I quickly checked if I still had that picture of my parents with me. It was there. I always check because my parents died. I have to keep every memory of them alive. When they died I had to move into my Aunt Valerie and Uncle Drew's house. They lived right around the corner from my house.
    They let me take this trip because back in California is really dangerous. Every time I turn around there someone dies. They also let their children move out when they're 15. They rely on them to take care of them self.
    "Please, undo your seat belts. Thank-you." said the flight attendant. I already had undone mine, so I just got up, grabbed my bag, and walked out. I went to the airport and went to see if my rented car was waiting for me. Then I went to go get my luggage. Simple, right? As I drove to my hotel, I heard a low thump. I looked in the back of my car and saw nothing. I forgot about and concentrated on driving.
    I heard another thump and then I noticed I was driving over parking blocks in the hotel's parking lot.
    "I really have to concentrate." I whispered to myself.
    As I walked into my hotel I heard a familiar voice.
    "Hey, you thought you could ditch me in California, huh?" I turned around.
    "Lucas? Really? Oh my gosh, I need company. Come on, you can stay at my room. Please? For at least now?" I stared at him and he started to laugh. His pearly white teeth were glowing in the hotel's light.
    "Of course I'll stay. Oh, and i'm going to your school. BUT you are lucky because you don't have parents, or gaurdians living with you. I still live with my mom." What I love about Lucas (Luke for short):
    1. He bounces from subject to subject.
    2. He is SO cute.
    3. He always comforts you with the sound of his voice.
    4. He likes me!
    We walked into the hotel. A japenese women said, "would you like to check in?" I nodded, and then she lead us to the front desk. "Name, please."
    "Indigo Anderson."
    She pointed to Luke. "Your name sir."
    "Oh, umm, Luke Langston."
    She gave a sigh. "And your name sir." Luke and I turned around. A guy around our age with dark brown hair and black eyes gave us a smile.
    "I am Jonathon Harrison, ma'am." He gave me a wink and in my head I heard and little "ding".
    "Are you all in the same suite?" the Japenese women said.
    "No ma'am, I am in a different suite." said Jonathon. Now he gave a wink to the Japenese women. She smiled and turned to Luke and I.
    "Here is your key. Have a nice day."
    As we walked out of the elavator, we did the insructions to go to our following room, 225. We walked foward until we came to our first right. We took a left and then two rights. We were at suite 225. Luke opened the door for me. "Madame, you may step inside." I walked in and said, "Thank-you, thank-you!" I said it in a british accent.
    Room 225 was beautiful. The walls were painted maroon, and the couches were black an white. The kitchen-was a kitchen.
    I walked down the hall and saw a big, black, heavy looking door. I opened it up. A king size bed with white sheets and white pillows was against the wall. A redwood dresser lay aside of it. A red lamp with a white shade. I noticed everything was so dark, and..and..red.
    Luke walked into the room. "Whoa." he said, and then put his arm around me. He walked me down the hall and helped me unpack. After we were done, he sat me onto the big leather chair and turned on the computer. He searched "Jonathon Harrison".
    "Luke! This is like stalking that-" I paused.
    "It's like stalking a stranger. He was just standing there..and winking."
    Luke shrugged and went back to work.
    "Luke! Stop it! He is just a stranger! We don't know him!"
    He rolled his eyes and started to stare at the computer screen again. "Relax, Indigo, I know what i'm doing."
    "I know what you are doing! Being rude!" I screamed.
    Luke threw the mouse. "We're done then!" he replied and finished his sentence with a groan. He slammed the door when he left. I ran to my room crying, and all of a sudden, I heard a low thump-again.
    I opened my eyes and standing above me was Jonathon Harrison.

    Chapter Two
    Jonathon stared into my eyes. His beautiful eyes, I thought.
    "Umm, hi Indigo." he finally said.
    I breathed hard, and I rolled off the bed. "What do you want? I just got dumped, please don't make my life miserable, John." More tears rolled down my pale white face.
    "I'm not going to hurt you, or take anything. I wanted to just say a friendly hello."
    I was walking backwards and hit the wall. "How did you get in? And why a hello to ME?" I knew why he was giving me a hollar. It's obvious. I just moved in.
    "I know you know why. Well, anyway, I'm John Harrison, I'm 15, and I go to Omaha High. You do, too."
    I kept staring at him, and noticed he was totally white too, and the lighter the light got, the darker his eyes got. But in a certain distance, his eyes were red. I pictured him in my head, and I saw blood dripping from his mouth. I shook my head, and changed the subject.
    "Please tell me how you got in here." I said, my voice shaky.
    "Well, obviously, the door door." His eyes got bigger and started to blush. Then he looked over to the window and walked fast over to it to close it, and pulled the two burgundy curtains together. Sorry. I bring to much danger. I'll leave." He said, still turned around. He ran out of the room without looking at me.
    "Please stay. I need the company right know." I still had my shaky voice.
    "No..your life might come to an end when you're around me. Please, PLEASE stay away from me. Please." He walked over to the door and I thought that he was totally crazy.