• SAHOME'S BEGINNING started off rough. At six years old, her mother had to abandon her to finished things up in Inasha Kingdom and forewarned her about her late father, who happened to appear rather mysteriously. Sahome' questioned about what her father was like as often as she could and her mother seldom spoke a word. When her mother returned from this perilous journey, without any harm to her, she greeted her daughter and then shut herself in her room. Five days later her mother sat in the rocking chair, her face quite pale and her eyes dull and listless. She turned to face her daughter; the candles seemed to grow brighter as the mother faded away.

    "Your father, he was a wonderful man. He made me jovial and revealed to me how sublime life could be. I was lost in a boat and drifting across the sea, a never ending sea, my dark heart feeding off of me, killing me until your father rescued me from that boat and carried me to safety. My heart grew two sizes that day, finally feeling love...so lucky to have you in my life. One night, the night before I left to take care of things in the far Kingdom, I met the ghost of your father, his cold hands touched my face, but they felt so warm! He died three months before your birth and...I had no one. Without him, I felt I had no the strength to bear such a beautiful child such as you. However, I continued on and the wait and pain was worth it, for you came into my life," she whispered softly. Sahome' moved closer to her mother and placed a hand on hers. Her mother's hands grew colder and colder until Sahome' could feel no life flowing through her. Sahome' stroked her beautiful hands, hitching her onto her back and it took a great effort to haul her from the chair to her bed.

    Sahome' ran to the garden in the back of the house and picked the most beautiful rose in the garden, being careful of the stinging nettles growing throughout the garden. The farden was quite vast and she rushed inside as fast as she could, for it started to pour. She shifted through the house to the quiet lifless bedroom where her mother lay, in eternal sleep. She pried her hands apart and put the rose between them, then closing her hands. She sat by her mother's bed, then throwing herself over her, sobbing.