• Thinking. It’s what people normally do. And when you think, you tend to solve your problems that had just arisen from the depths of your soul, or from your past which you are ready to confront. But for me, thinking things through tends to, further complicate things. It is something hard to explain if I go into detail, so I guess I could at least try to summarize it. Well, I will think of something, and believe that it is one thing. Then the further I think, the more I understand yet the more complicated it gets because my understanding morphs into a heavy fog of confusion where I’m ready to just face anything. Anything, just to take away all the excess thoughts and unwanted day dreams. Why does this happen to me? Why am I mentally unstable when I try to fix a problem. For as you can tell now, my thoughts only make things worse. But at this point in time, at this small moment of pure content, I can’t seem to think. Cannot seem to question whether or not any of what is happening is right. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?
    You see, as I lay there in his arms, I felt truly content. I couldn’t think because it just, well, fit. Nothing could change how perfect it seemed. He was my refuge, strong and comforting, even without having to do anything more than hold me like he was now. Whenever he tried to move his arms, or his body away from mine to stretch, I would automatically whimper and grip onto him like crazy. It was like he was my comfort zone. Nothing could pull me apart from him at this moment. Nothing. And when I finally let him free, let him stretch and yawn, I realized how much I needed him. He was something that only came into your life once, rarely a second time. It’s hard to explain, the feeling that was teasing it’s way into my being. What I was feeling now was, unmistakably, Love.
    Love is an indescribable thing. If it could be described, it would be that you have to be with that person at all times. You have constant separation anxiety when they move but an inch and if they leave to go anywhere, you feel lonely and like something that was slowly fading.

    I sighed, a faint smile on my lips as I rolled over to catch a glimpse of him. He was laying there molded next to me, faintly outlined by the moon that was shining down on us. The silvery-white glow illuminated his features, his face, his stunning blue eyes. They were like crystals with a mid-dark blue pigment that shone everywhere they looked. At the moment he was looking up at the stars, oblivious to my wandering eyes. But just then his eyes slowly floated down and caught mine. I was stroking his arm that was propping his head up. The tickle of the wind cause me to shiver, and flipped our picnic blanket up and down a couple times. If only it were a magic carpet, and we could be flying away right now, to wherever we wanted to go. No one would notice our unannounced departure. No one had even noticed us leaving our homes to come visit each other by the lake and spend the night there.

    “What are you looking at?” His firm, teasing toned voice rang through the air. All that was heard were the slow skid of the waves on the sand and the crickets chirping in the flowing grass, which appeared to be a shining green river flowing back and forth.

    I chuckled, shrugging. What could I say?