• Do You Only Wanna Dance?

    Triana Lioncourt sat on the window, she took a drag off of her cigarette and stared out into the night. The inky sky was dotted with diamond like stars. She heaved a heavy sigh and her breath fogged in the cool air. She took another long drag off of her cigarette.

    "That is going to kill you one day." A deep voice said from the doorway.

    "Yeah, it probably will. But so could this job we do." Triana chuckled quietly. "Why are you here Markus?"

    "Traheal wants to see you." Markus said as he leaned against the wall by the window.

    "Do you know why?" She asked as she looked over at him. "They sent you, did they?" She finished her cigarette and flicked it out the window.

    "I volunteered to come. Darren's still afraid of you, Jade's on assignment, and Bianca's with Gerald. Besides, I haven't seen you for a while. Since you've returned from your last mission you've rarely emerged from your room." Markus' wintry blue eyes started at Trianas’ electric lavender ones. "And no. He wouldn't tell me."

    "It's true. I haven't much felt like being around the other operatives right now. I come down when mandated and otherwise stay here. But alright, let's go." Triana swung her legs over the window sill. She wore tight, skinny jeans and a black and red corset. Markus had on a white button up shirt that exposed his muscular chest and leather pants. Markus placed a hand on Triana's lower back and led her to meet Traheal. When they walked down the hallway together, everyone stared at them and backed up. They represented the epitome of power in their organization. They stood outside of Traheal's office; Triana never had liked going in there.

    "You gonna be okay?" Markus asked as he looked down at her.

    "Yeah, I'll be fine. I just hate going in there. It creeps me."

    "Well don't worry. You'll be fine and besides, I'll be there with you the whole time." Markus said as he smiled encouragingly at her.

    "Alright." Triana took a deep breath and exhaled. Markus opened the door for her and she walked inside. When she walked inside she saw an older man, but not much older--in his thirties maybe--sitting at the desk. His blonde hair flowed to his shoulders and his boyish features made him look very handsome.

    "Triana Lioncourt." His voice, though clearly speaking English, had a pronounced French accent. The French caressed over her name in such a way that she almost blushed. "It's lovely to see you, cheri. We were very pleased with your work in Cicely. But we were dispirited when we learned you had confined yourself to your room."

    "Traheal." Triana said, she stood tall and stiffly as she looked at her boss. Markus stood by her side, watching her tense nature with curiosity. "I am glad that you were pleased with my work. It lightens my soul to know so, as always. I regret to inform you that I have sought solace in my room for the time being. But remain ever ready to serve you." Her words were perfectly picked and placed.

    "This pleases us greatly. We have, in fact, a mission in mind for you. This would pair you and Markus together and you would be used to guard someone who is an asset to us that we wished to protect. " Traheal said with a smile on his face. He was obviously very pleased.

    "Who is the mark that we are to protect?" Markus asked.

    "Basil Dimikov."

    "No." Triana said immediately.

    "What?" Markus said awe-struck. She may have been the only operative to refuse a mission, especially from Traheal.

    "I won't do it. Traheal you know my history with Dimikov." Triana said as she looked away from Markus where she had been looking previously.

    "Triana, you can't just say no to a mission. You may not like it, but you don't have a choice." Markus said.

    "Markus, leave us alone for a moment. I need to talk to Triana alone." Traheal said looking straight at Triana.

    Markus looked at Triana for a moment, nodded at him and then said, "Alright." He walked outside of the room and ten minutes later Triana emerged. "What happened?"

    "Come on, we've got a train to catch to Rome." Triana said as she walked passed him.

    "Wait...your coming?"

    "Yes." Triana said as she grabbed a backpack and duffle bag out of her room and walked back over to him. "You need your stuff?"

    "No, I put it out front." Markus said puzzled.

    "Then let's go. Train leaves in an hour and a half." Triana said as she started to walk out front, her boots thudded against the marble floors loudly. She didn't slow her pace, but she didn't need to, Markus caught up easily with his long strides. When out front they went out the garage, where Triana found her red Z4 and started the engine. Some rock station came over the sound system, but Triana didn't pay attention as she threw her bags in the back. Markus followed suit by throwing his bags in the back and buckling up in the passenger seat.

    "Godsmack?" Markus asked slightly surprised.

    "I was listening to rock on the way home. Nickleback was on then."

    "Oh." Markus said. He wanted to ask her what had happened in that room, but he decided it would be better to wait until she wasn't behind the wheel of a car to do it. Let a lone a really fast one. She fastened her seatbelt and the tires squealed as she took off out of the parking garage; Orvieto was about an hour from Rome. That would give them half an hour to find the train and board it.

    The hour ride passed relatively quickly. They talked somewhat on the way there. Mostly just to catch up though. Markus had been gone for months and by the time he had arrived Triana was on her way to Cicely. They pulled in front of the train station and got out of the car. Once they had grabbed their bags she pulled out her cell phone.

    "Genivive, I need a car pick up. Roma, Italy, 00100. Point 27-XA8. My Z4. And remember you hurt her, I hurt you." Triana laughed. "Yup, love ya G." She hung up. "Come on then, car's being taken care of." She punched Markus playfully on the shoulder as she boarded the train. She and Markus had private compartments. When Markus walked in she had pulled off her shoes and was pulling her lavender hair up into a ponytail. She grabbed her sunglasses from her pocket and said to him: "I'm going out for a bit." She made herself comfortable and slipped her sun glasses on. "Wake me at the halfway mark." Triana's voice gradually became softer.

    "Don't worry T. I'll keep watch for a while. Get some rest. I know you need it." Markus said with a smile. He knew how she was, she didn't sleep a lot. Yet, when she did, she'd go out for hours at a time. Good thing this was an eighteen hour trip.

    Nine hours later Markus touched her shoulder softly. He hated to wake her; she looked so innocent while she slept, like she had not a care in the world.

    "Triana. Triana. Come on, wake up." Markus shook her slightly and she woke up. First thing she did was grab him around the throat with her petite hand. "Bad dream?" His voice was slightly muffled.

    "Oh, sorry." Triana said and she let go. She sat up, stretched, and yawned. "What'd I miss?"

    "Food. Scenery."

    "Oh, then I didn't miss anything."

    "You really should eat."

    "I will, eventually."

    "Where are we headed?" Markus asked as he effortlessly changed topic.

    "Pompeii. There's a drop we have to pick up there and then we're off to Budapest to pick up Mr. Dimikov." Triana's demenor turned aloof and business-like again.

    "What's the drop we're picking up?" Markus asked curiously.

    "You'll see." Triana smiled and got up. "I'm going to grab something to eat real quick. Call Traheal and give him a sitrep. He's number six." Triana tossed her cell phone to Markus as she walked out. Markus pressed six and hit the send button. Within a few moments the line rang. Once. Twice. Thr--

    "Hello?" Markus knew it was Traheal by the French lilt to his voice.

    "This is Markus."

    "Ahh, yes. How are you and the lovely Triana doing?"

    "We're on our way to Pompeii; about halfway now." Markus was curious at how Traheal had described Triana. It was weird, even for Traheal.

    "Excellent. Where is Triana?"

    "Out to get something to eat. She was sleeping."

    "She won't want to be lacking with Basil around." The way Traheal had phrased this was peculiar to Markus.

    "Yeah...so what is the drop that we are picking up?"

    "Has she not told you?" Traheal sounded delighted at the fact that she hadn't.

    "No, she hasn't said a word." Markus was becoming annoyed at his boss' games.

    "Clever, clever tease. Do you not agree that this is true of mon petite Triana Lioncourt."

    "No, I do not." Markus said his voice strong in his opposition to what Traheal had suggested about Triana. "Just tell me what the damned drop is!" Markus yelled angrily.

    "We're picking up a RPG and two compound bows complete with explosive tip projectile rounds." Triana said in a suddenly loud voice from the doorway of the cabin. She held a clear glass with an even clearer liquid in it. She raised it to her full pink lips and they pursed as it went down her throat.

    "Isn't it a bit early to start drinking?" Markus asked her, completely forgetting that he was still on the line with their boss.

    "It's never too early to start drinking." Traheal said on the other end, ere the frenchman. Markus hung up on him promptly and turned to Triana. "A RPG, huh?"

    "Plus two crossbows with explosive tip projectile rounds." Triana said cheerily as she sat down beside of Markus. She leaned her elbow against the window and propped her head up with her hand. She took another sip of her drink.

    "I'm more focused on the fact that we're picking up a RPG for what's supposedly to be a simple guarding mission." Markus said as he looked at her hard.

    "Basil's case is special. There are a lot of people who want him dead--not that I blame them--but unfortunately he has proven himself to be an asset to the company. And as it stands, I cannot simply stand by and let the a*****e get what he serves. I have to protect him from the Lunatics that are trying to kill him because he was being a dumbass and let himself get caught." Triana rolled her eyes and sighed in disgust.

    "So what Basil Dimikov--oh s**t! You don't mean the Basil Dimikov do you? The guy's a legend!" Okay, so Markus had a slight case of hero worship.

    "Really, he's not all that great. It's mostly hype. Well except for the descriptions o him as a lover. Those completely don't do him justice." Triana laughed with a wistful sigh.

    "So you and Basil Dimikov did the nasty?"

    "If you want to phrase it like that, yes. And we were together for three years. He taught me everything that I know. We were unstoppable as a team. Eventually Traheal only gave us missions together."

    "So what happened?" Markus asked curiously. He had known Triana back then and there had been a dramatic change in her. She had gone from eager and bubbly to secluded and dark.

    "He broke my heart and shoved me to the curb." Triana sighed, the memories hurt, but it would hurt a lot worse when she actually saw him.


    "Yeah, and that wasn't even the half of it." Triana sighed as she looked out the window. "I really don't want to be doing this."

    "That I can tell. I couldn't believe you when you said no to Traheal. I don't think he's ever had someone refuse him before."

    "Yeah, but he should have known better. He knows how hard of a time I've had with all of this." Triana sighed as she finished her drink.

    "Don't worry you'll be fine. I'll make sure of it. I won't let you kill Basil, either." Markus said as he moved his arm over her shoulder and learned her into his chest.

    "You’re the best, Markus." Triana relaxed into him and became quiet. She didn't fall asleep. She simply didn't have anything to talk about and she took comfort in Markus' embrace. Eventually though, she did fall asleep and was awoken later by Markus gently shaking her and telling her they had just arrived in Pompeii.

    Once getting off of the train the pair found a Ferrari Enzo, hot pink, waiting on them. Markus just looked at her and shook his head, Triana on the other hand, merely smiled. They both threw their bags in the back, but this time Markus drove. Trianas’ glittering lavender hair flew behind her, as she had released it from its ponytail as he drove. She turned her pale face up and let the warm rays of the sun caress it, she sighed contentedly. They may have been on the job, but they could relax right now.

    When they came up to the beach there was a rising mansion in the distance. It lay right on the beach, near where Mt. Vesuvius rested. Some would wonder why on earth anyone would want to live by a volcano, but the man who lived here was an eccentric being. When they pulled up in front of the mansion Markus looked at it in surprise. Triana though, she just grinned and walked up to the door. Markus followed her closely as she rang the door bell. She was entirely too happy in his opinion. The door opened and a younger man emerged. He was in his late twenties, maybe thirty. He had deep, piercing jade eyes and a deep tan. His black hair was spiked and kept short on his head. He had a bright, brilliantly white smile when he opened the door and saw Triana standing there. He wore a black wife beater and khaki shorts, no shoes. The muscle tone he possessed and the way the muscles rippled suggest that he worked out daily. Triana hugged him and those strong arms wrapped around her. Soon he spoke and his strong Italian bass voice revealed itself.

    "Triana." His voice caressed over her name as if it were something sacred and murmured it as if it were a prayer.

    "Oh Tristian, e talmente divina di vederla. Ci s'guarda a esserine buono solute, puo gilangere all'intero de mio amore?" The Italian flowed flawlessly off of Triana's tongue. His already sensuous voice heightened the sensuality of the language. It sounded as if she had been born and raised in Italy. Which she hadn't, she was born to a Spanish mother and a French father.

    "Perche, mi eicari, come sempre si ha modo di parole. Naturalamente, si puo venire. Vi invito e il vostro amico nella mia umile demora. Io sona vostro peretuo e amorevole, servo, Triana." Tristian smiled at Triana and held her hands. He bowed his head reverently to her when he finished speaking. Triana giggled and then she spoke again.

    "Perche Tristian, e grazia e piangeggianti con me le sue gentile parole. Come quando io sono sempere qui che si illumini il mio cuore e miscasua dimenticone mi stesso. Questo e il mio compagno di Markus. Luied io sionno qui per una goccia. Yes I am a un pasto di lavaro. E la vostra casa e tuttaltro che umile, amante." Triana said with a smile as Tristian dropped her hands and walked inside. Triana looked back at Markus, he had a puzzled look on his face. "We were just greeting each other, saying hello, he invited us inside and I thanked him."

    "Seemed kind of long for that." Markus quirked an eye brow.

    "Italian is an illustrious language." Triana said simply. "Come on, he's expecting us." Triana walked inside and sat in the parlor, Markus followed shortly after.

    "May I get you something to drink?" Tristian asked politely.

    "I'll take whiskey on the rocks." Markus said and Tristian retreated out the door. "What about you?" Markus asked curiously.

    "Just wait." Triana said with a smile and Tristian re-emerged.

    "Whiskey on the rocks and a vodka gimlet with a tequila chaser." Tristian smiled as he set the drinks on the table and sat on the loveseat across from them, sipping a glass of red wine.

    They conversed a little longer and then Triana stood, saying that it was time for them to leave. Tristian walked over and hugged Triana tightly.

    "It was great to see you again, amante." Triana said happily.

    "Truly, cheri, don't be a stranger." Tristian pulled back to look at her.

    "I won't, Tristian, and you stay out of trouble."

    "For you, cheri, anything." Tristian said as he kissed her on the lips quickly, chastely.

    "Goodbye, amore." Triana said as she and Markus went outside and got into the car and drove away.

    Markus kept glancing over at Triana while he drove along to the drop point.

    "So you two were lovers." Markus' sudden voice made Triana jump.

    "Yes. We still are occasionally. He's a good man. I spent a lot of time down here after everything that happened with Basil." Triana said with a smile.

    "Weren't you on a six month sabbatical?" Markus asked her.

    "Yes, I alternated between here and visiting mother in Madrid." Triana sighed. "Traheal understood. Gave me six months, told me to give his love to my mother, and set me off. Tristian was so good to me. I showed up without a word and didn't want to talk. The saint that he is he didn't push me. I just wanted to be close to someone, he was such a gentle and attentive lover. He gave me so much and made sure that I knew he was there for me. And later on that night when I awoke screaming and crying he just held me. He rocked me back and forth and whispered in my ear that everything would be alright. In a few months I was ready to talk about what had happened with Basil. Although I wasn't completely over him, I didn't need to be. Tristian understood without really asking and showed me that I could live like that. Really, I owe Tristian my life." Triana said as her eyes connected with Markus'. He looked astonished that she had told him this much.

    "Triana, I never knew." Markus' voice was stunned and Triana just smiled that beautiful smile that lit up her face.

    "No, no one does. Except for Tristian, mother, Genievive, and now you." She sighed. "Well, it's time to see how you are with a RPG." Triana said as the car stopped in front of a tan woman with long, dark curl hair and warm amber eyes. She had on a pink tank top and khaki colored cargo pants. "Hey, Dominique, thanks for this."

    "Not a problem, I owe you after Paris." Her accent was tinged slightly French.

    "I told you that were no big. Got everything set up for the tutorial?"

    "Yup. Follow me." Dominique smiled at the pair as she led them to a portion of the ruined city where two columns set. "Alright, you just flip this switch up, aim, and pull down the trigger. This RPG holds two warheads, one in the chamber and one holstered on the side, and your objective is to see who can hit that pillar."

    "You wanna go first Triana?" Markus asked.

    "No, why don't you go first, show me how it's done." Triana chuckled quietly.

    "Alright." Markus said as he picked up the RPG, fired, reloaded, fire, and missed both times. "Harder than it looks." He shrugged.

    "Let me see that." Triana said as she placed it on her shoulder. She flipped the switch and flipped the scope down and fired off one, reload, two shots. They both hit dead center and the column collapsed.

    "What was that?" Markus asked stunned.

    "Didn't she tell you? All she had on the Paris job was a RPG. She's one of the best in the world. She's second only to...well..."

    "Basil Dimikov." Triana said and shrugged. "Fitting, as it was he who taught me how to use one." Triana said. "So do we have all the ammo and weapons?"

    "Yup, all in the crate that's been loaded into your car."

    "Thank you so much Dominique." Triana kissed her cheeks and hugged her.

    "Is it true, you are really going to pick up Dimikov?"

    "Yeah, it's true."

    "Be careful Triana. I know what you went through over Basil."

    "I will, don't worry." Triana said and she broke away from Dominique, walking over to Markus. "Let's go. We can catch a plane to Budapest and be there by morning."

    "See ya, Dominique!" Markus called as they walked over to the car and drove to the airport. Once seated in the plane he turned to Triana. "Are you going to be okay?"

    "It's just another job."

    "After everything that you told me today, I don't believe that."

    "Well you’re going to have to, because I'm not going to say another word on the matter. Besides, I'm going to sleep." Triana said and she did just that. Her head rested on his shoulder and as she slept the plane took them closer to Budapest and closer to Basil.
    So this was the first chapter of the story. Let me know what you think about it.
    Also, this is the literal translation of Tristian and Triana's conversation:

    Triana: Oh Tristian, e talmente divina di vederla. Ci s'guarda a esserine buono solute, puo gilangere all'intero de mio amore?" (Oh Tristian, it's so divine to see you. You look to be in good health, may we come in my love?)

    Tristian: Perche, mi eicari, come sempre si ha modo di parole. Naturalamente, si puo venire. Vi invito e il vostro amico nella mia umile demora. Io sona vostro peretuo e amorevole, servo, Triana." (Why, my dear, as always you have such a way with words. Of course you may come in. I invite you and your friend into my humble abode. I am your perpetual and loving servant, Triana)

    Triana: Perche Tristian, e grazia e piangeggianti con me le sue gentile parole. Come quando io sono sempere qui che si illumini il mio cuore e miscasua dimenticone mi stesso. Questo e il mio compagno di Markus. Luied io sionno qui per una goccia. Yes I am a un pasto di lavaro. E la vostra casa e tuttaltro che umile, amante. (Why Tristian, you grace and flatter me with your kind words. As when I am always here you lighten my heart and cause me to forget myself. This is my comrade Markus. He and I are here for a drop. Yes I am on a job. And your home is anything but humble, lover.)

    So....why do you think she didn't tell him the truth?