• Once out of the hopital room, the woman gave a small sigh of relief. The hardest part was yet to come, though. She still had to vacate the hopital without suspicion. She quickly discarded the nurse's uniform and walked down the hall, looking down at Isabella.

    "Your Mama is a dope. I could see the reluctance to part with you on her face. She should have listened to her instincts." She whispered, keeping up the guise of a glowing new mother.

    "They named you Isabella Amelia, huh? Well, you can keep your name, I'm told. They want you found eventually.They want your parents to know the loss of a treasure dear to their hearts." She said, cuddling the babe. Isabella was glaring up at the woman, her newborn blue's accusing.

    "Don't look at me like that. I'm only doin the kidnapping. Their going to raise you." she said defensively, though there was no need. She was only a baby. They were at the front doors of the hospital, ready to depart.

    A black stretch limo pulled up in front of her, the door opening. "Get in," a gruff voice said from the dark interior. She followed orders. Her name was Anna DeMarco.

    "Were there any problems?" The owner of the gruff voice demanded. He was a ruggedly handsome man, with roughly chiseled facial features and a muscular frame. He was a tad on the stocky side, about 5'6. The man beside him was handsome as well, but like an elf. He had an ethereal quality to him, as if he was of another world.

    "No, Mr.Castin. There was no trouble," she replied calmly as they sped off. She snapped a seatbelt on.

    "Was anybody suspicious?" the elf-man queried. he was looking at the baby.

    "Her mother was reluctant to hand her over, but I think it was more from fear than suspicion."

    "What is her name?" the elf-man asked.

    "Isabella Amelia McAngelo." The woman sneered.

    "Isn't that your sister's name?" he said.

    "Yes. She was named for our mother."

    "And Isabella is named after?" he said.

    "My sister. She was married to the Don before Maria."She said bitterly.

    "Why named her after your sister?"

    "Because they old my mother they would name their first daughter after her."

    "Why not name Tatyana after Amelia?"

    "She's adopted. They were going to name their first-born after Amy."

    "Wait. If your sister was to marry the Don, why didn't they recognize you as Amelia's sister?" The first one asked, highly suspicious.

    "Because he had never seen me! Why would I meet my sister's fiance? I had no reason to meet him, seeing as Amy and I weren't even speaking to each other. I wouldn't have even been invited to their wedding." She snapped, her feelings still obviously raw after all this time.

    "Well, then is that the reason you agreed to kidnap their child?" the second man asked, curious.

    "Yes, They are the reason Amy's dead. They killed my sister!" she exploded. Blue fire raced up her arms from her fingertips, encasing her lithe body. She barely noticed. It was a cold fire, which meant her rage was cold. She reached for the baby, but there was a shield around her, produced by the fear the sight of fire caused Isabella.