• I do what must be done.
    I do what I need to do.
    Can my story be told in a few simple words?
    My answer would be "Impossible!"
    But I will try.
    I live just as anyone would live,
    I died the way no one would want to die.
    Consumed in the flames of despair.
    Branded the title of "witch"
    But even after death I still suffer.
    They hunted me across the lands,
    From the tiny village of my birth,
    to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
    I fled to the new land in hopes of freedom,
    But what I found was even better.
    I am a monster in my own eyes,
    A demon who feeds on the blood of others.
    A shadow consumed by death,
    Yet a protector of those bathed in light.
    A Guardian Angel,
    A Bringer of Darkness,