• Standing in front of me was a small, young girl who had bright orange hair, and big blue eyes.
    Her name was Chase.
    "So Sam whatcha ya in for?" she asked.
    "Disturbance of a concert. you?" Chase looked at me strangely.
    "I got busted for stealing a car." she grinned happily.
    "Aren't you a little young to be going around stealing cars" I looked over to Chase. she was wearing purple skinny jeans with converse that goes up to your knees, and had skulls all around the legs. her shirt were long sleeves, and the cuffs were torn up. she had gloves that were black and had the words written death on it. Her hair was piled up on top of her head all wild and crazy. I have to say, I liked her taste in style.
    "No I'm the same age as you" she croaked her head at me.
    "Shutup! you cant be any older then bout fourteen or fifteenth" Chase face scrunched a little. I wondered if I had offended her.
    "You know Sam, you really shouldn't judge people before you get to know them" She flashed a grin. I was starting to think that was her trade mark.

    "Chase leaped and ran to the side of her bed. She got into military formation.
    "I'm coming in ladies" The voice was familiar. The door knob jumbled and jiggled until it open revealing Nancy the cop at the entrance.

    "So Sam are you all situated?" Nancy looked over to Chase, their eyes met and Chase looked away.
    "So Sam. I came here to ask if you have anyone we can call to bring some belongings of yours over until your trial." Nancy closed the door and walked into the room.
    "Well my mom is at work, and she doesn't quite know about all this yet, and I am forbidden to call her at work. Says her boss." I got nervous over the fact that my mom still doesn't know about it.
    "What about your dad?" Nancy began.

    "I don't have a dad. He walked out on my mother and me, when I was born".........