• Chapter 6
    tab They arrive back at the town, in front of the castle gates. It is already the next morning, but the sky seems drearily dark.
    tab “Sebastian. Please take her home.”
    tab “Of course.” he bows to Henry as if he received a real order.
    tab “Henry!”
    tab “I am sorry Eliy. I must go. We will meet again, I promise.” He says as the gates close forming a barrier between Eliy and Henry.
    tab “Henry!”
    tab “Now, now, we must be leaving.”
    tab “Don’t touch me.”
    tab “Ah, of course, but could I first ask for the item which you stole from the castle?” Eliy drops the ring into his outstretched hand and reenters the carriage. They travel down the bumpy stone road and come to a stop outside of Eliy’s house. There Edward is standing outside waiting for them.
    tab “You brought it back?” he says.
    tab “If you are referring to the girl then yes.” He helps Eliy out of the carriage and brings her before Edward. She dares not to look at him. Then she feels a sudden blow to the side of her face and falls to the ground. “My, my.”
    tab “Trash must be dealt with accordingly. Don’t you agree?”
    tab “Yes in fact I do. Well then I shall take my leave.” Sebastian holds out his hand, to shake hands. Edward takes it, and then Sebastian grabs his hand with both of his own. “I do hope that you will take responsibility for the robbery at the castle.” He releases his hand, and then bows. “It has been a pleasure doing business with you.” He gives Eliy a quick smirk then turns to leave.
    tab Eliy begins to get up and is hit once again. Her rose falls to the ground and is stepped on by Edward. “How dare you bring disgrace to me? Do you not think? Your stupidity goes beyond all measures. To steal from the castle, and then escape!? You would have been better to rot on the noose. Come now we must formally apologize to the prince to clear my name at least from this blame.” He takes her hand and begins dragging her to the castle
    tab They arrive at the castle and are escorted into the grand hall, where at the end lies the throne…and where the prince waits. Edward hauls Eliy forward, practically throwing her to the floor in front of the throne. She doesn’t have enough time to even look at the prince. She keeps her head down-- she knows the penalty for stealing from royalty…death. Edward knew this too -- he didn’t care. All he wanted was for his name to be clear…to make it seem as if he was doing what any loyal citizen was doing. Eliy knew this; she knew that he didn’t care about her. But instead of hatred filling her mind, her thoughts rested on one single person -- Henry. All she wished was to see him one last time before her death.
    tab “Ah, the thief has arrived Prince.” It was Sebastian. Eliy began to wonder just how much Sebastian hated her. He had chased her before, just to retrieve a little trinket. Now she wonders if he will sentence her to death right here and now.
    tab “I see.” replies a boy. Eliy immediately knew whose voice that was. She had been wishing for it just seconds ago. She looks up and sees, sitting in the prince’s chair…Henry. “Apprehend him!” Eliy is shocked; she looks back at Edward just as the guards begin to take him.
    tab “Wait! What are you doing!? Unhand me! Prince I am not the thief, she is! Arrest her not me!”
    tab “Enough! Sebastian.” Sebastian moves forward towards Edward. He takes one of his hands and takes a ring from it. He walks back to the prince and hands it to him. “You say you are not the thief and yet you wear this?”
    tab “Wait but that -- that is merely my wedding band. Ask the woman, it is her family’s.”
    tab “You lie to me when I have the proof right in front of me? This ring is the ring of the royal family. It was stolen by a thief just days ago. If that was not enough, you insult this lady in front of me. You tarnish her good will by calling her a thief. And still you even mock my guards by saying that a woman, as frail as her, can break into the castle unnoticed. I have had enough of you. Guards! Take him to the dungeon!”
    tab “Wait but you! You just brought her to me moments ago.” he points at Sebastian.
    tab “You said it yourself. Trash needs to be taken care of.” Eliy watches on with astonishment.
    tab “Are you alright?” says Henry as he kneels down in front of Eliy and takes her hand. The then pulls her up and puts his hand on her face.
    tab “Henry?”
    tab “That man-- he did this to you didn’t he?” He caresses her red, swollen cheek.
    tab “Yes. But you, how?”
    tab “I am sorry I lied to you. The truth is that I am the prince here at this castle, Prince Henry Moure, and this ring belongs to me.”
    tab “Ring? Wait! My grandmother’s ring! What happened to it?”
    tab “Do not worry it is right here.” he takes the ring out from his pocket and shows it to Eliy.
    tab “But how?”
    tab “I simply had Sebastian replace the rings to make it seem as if he was the thief and to get your ring back.”
    tab “You?”
    tab “It is always a pleasure to be of service.” Sebastian takes one of his deep bows as he carries a little smirk on his face.
    tab “Thank you. Thank you.” she cries as she falls into Henry's arms and tears begin to pour out.
    tab “Wait. There is something that I wish to do first. Usually this is done by exchanging the rings from each royal family, but I suppose it would not hurt if you kept your own ring.” Henry gently pushes Eliy off of him, and takes her hand.
    tab “What?” she asks, confused, as he takes her grandmother’s ring and slips it onto her finger.
    tab “Eliy, seeing as your previous engagement has now been canceled, by me, will you make a new one with me.”
    tab Tears cover Eliy’s face but she is able to utter a single word: “Yes.” Henry takes her into his hands and pulls her closer. Then he wipes the tears away from her face. When it seemed that she had finally stopped, he took her head and lifted it up gently. Then he bent down and kissed her gently.
    tab Prince Henry and Princess Eliy lived happily ever after.
    The End