• When Your Heart Is Broken, You're Willing To Do Anything To Put It Back Together. You Have No Patience To Take The Time To Find The Person You've Wanted To Stay With Forever.
    Finding Love Becomes A Chore To Those Suffering With Broken Hearts. They Would Rather Wait For Someone To Find And Save Them From The Darkness Flooding And Drowning The Love That Once Was. While Hatred And Fear Begin To Soar Through Their Minds, Only To Crash and Burn Into Their Hopes And Dreams, Making Everything About Them And Around Them A Total Nightmare.
    Depression Will Soon Take Over, Only To Be Cured By A Loved One's Touch And Care. Feeling So Alone, Not Knowing Who To Turn To.
    Bottling Up Their Anger, Fear And Sorrow, Begins To Turn Their Hearts Into Stone. Their Hollow Insides Fill With Dirty Tricks And Lies, Never Realizing That They Are So Much More Than Meets The Eye.
    There's A Dark Cloud Hovering Over Head, Thoughts Running Back Of Life Or Death.
    Never Knowing Who To Trust, Who To Let Inside Them To See The Darkness Raining Over Their Hearts While Happy Thoughts Pour Out Of Their Minds.
    "Regrets Better Untold Or Better To Tell And Let Them Unfold.?"
    False Insanity Next To Take Power, Being Told It's All In Your Head, Only Because It's True. Fallen On The Inside, That's A Lie, Too.
    Being Told Straight To You While You Grin And Bare The Truth.
    Thinking Over And Over Again, "I'm A Fake, I'm A Fake."
    Always Thinking About Everything You Ever Did To Obtain A Broken Heart.
    Blaming Yourself, Cutting YourSelf For Every Mistake You Ever Made, Never Thinking It's Not Your Fault. Constantly Beating Yourself Up Over The Three Little Words, "I Love You.!"
    Missunderstood, Confused, Lied To, So Many Way To Gain A Broken Heart.
    But Not As Many To Make It Disapear...