• His lips brush against mine as he got into the car, this name was dark, and a demonic presents to him the drove me crazy it made me want him even more. His name was Demon Jones and at this very moment I was his girlfriend, the object of his affection his only lover. He leaned and closer and kissed me long and rough setting my mouth on fire as he forced his tongue into it. I moaned senselessly as he whispered in my ear. "I want you Shayna." He nibbled softly on my ear and continued his way down to my neck kissing it lightly sending a waves of heat through my body I moaned "Ahh… I want you t…too." He continued to kiss me as we moved into the back seat he slid his hand up my skirt moved my underwear to the side and started to finger me it was slow and at first then it started to speed up he drove deeper inside of me as I begun to go with his rhythm "O…Mm…Yes…" I moaned as he continued to go further inside of me he pulled my shirt off, and stared to suck on my breast again. I moaned letting a wave of euphoria pass through my body "o…ow…mm…mm…" was all that was able to come out of my mouth he continued to faster my toes started to curl and eyes rolled into the back of my head 'What was going on with me" I thought as I climax "Ah…ah…ah…..". Was all I could say as I came all over his hand that was the first time demon had made me c** and that would be the last time. I sat in his car breathless unable to believe the surge of energy that was going through my body. He sat up from then looked at me, as if I were a whore who had just stolen his money. He turned around and started the car, and then he spoke softly.
    "I hate you, you're nothing more but a stupid ho, and you are here to sever me. Do you understand?" For a moment I thought he was talking to himself as if in some way the man who I was talking to was not really there. A quick sharp pain brought me back to reality. "Did you hear me?! I own you now." I sat up quickly and simple nodded my head. He drove us into a back alley where no one ever came; he stopped the car, took the key of the ignition and turned to his side to face me. He slowly lifts his magnanimous hands to my face I close my eyes scared that he was going to hit me again, but he didn't. His stubby cold fingers touch my face, and slowly caressing it as he spoke to me.
    "Awh, I am sorry baby I didn't mean to frighten you, just wanted to let you know who the boss was."
    He pulled the car into a deserted parking lot and turned the ignition off. He looked at me with his hard brown eyes as he reached out and touched me. I sat there silently shivering at his touch as he moved his hand up the side of my face. He leaned in slowly and kissed me passionately, but I didn't move I sat there and let him kiss me. He reached up and started to rub on my breast as I sat there very quietly he moved his hand up my skirt and into my hottest. Kissing the side of my neck he told me all the things he wanted to do to me, he laid his hard muscled body against mine as I felt his waiting hardness grow with intensity.
    "Dang girl your body tastes so good I can't wait till I have the rest of you." I sat there still unmoving as he pulled his pant down to show me, his fine tuning instrument.
    "Yea girl, you like the size of that don't you." He said bragging as he point to his miniaturized pencil that he called a d**k, I had actually seen bigger pieces when I was in 7th grade, but he didn't need to know that. Instead I play along for the better good of my health.
    "Yea that' the biggest thing I ever seen." I lied as he slide his hand down my neck and told me how me was going to rock my world. And I went along right with him more out of fear than anything else. He stuck his smaller pencil inside of me and started to move it in and out "Yeah you like that don't you girl." He said as he started to increase the speed
    "You like it a whole lot don't you." I simply shook my head then he stopped and my heart stopped with him. He looked down at me and his dark eyes iced over sending a chill up my spine. He reached for his back pocket in the next moment I felt a sharp pain in my face as blood squirted from my nose it oozed and dripped slowly from my head like rain drops down a window seal. I screamed in pain but no one could hear me, then I saw the object that stabbed me with my blood dripping from it as it waved it in front of my face. It was his pick long, the one that has the black power fist on the end. Then he spoke to me as if I were a dog.
    "When I talk to you hoe you talk back to me. Do you understand? And you moan when I have sex with you trick! You got that!" he yelled.
    The blood was now pouring from my nose like water as I simply replied
    "Yes Demon I got it."